The first monkeypox case found in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-The Central Outreach Wellness Center was confirmed Wednesday, when the first case of monkeypox was reported in Pittsburgh.

According to the wellness center, the patient was tested for monkeypox, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed the results on Tuesday.

According to the Wellness Center, antiviral drugs and vaccines developed to protect against smallpox may be used in the prevention and treatment of monkeypox.

According to the CDC, monkeypox virus is part of the same family of viruses as smallpox. Symptoms are similar, but monkeypox is mild and rarely fatal. Symptoms include fever, headache, pain, and rash.

“It is not clear how people were exposed to monkeypox, but early data suggest that gay, bisexual, and other men having sex with men make up a large number of cases. “The CDC said of the outbreak in 2022.

The North Shore Central Outreach Wellness Center said it offers treatments and vaccines for people who are infected or have been exposed to the virus. Monkeypox can spread in several ways, and if you are in a public place where people can hit you, it says “Keep your hands on it.”

CDC data on Tuesday show that there were four other cases of monkeypox in Pennsylvania.

The first monkeypox case found in Pittsburgh

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