The fire brigade dissolves racist comments. “Maniac” drivers spend time in jail.Gas station killer suspect arrested

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Briarcliffe Fire Company dissolves over comments from racist conference

The Briarcliffe Fire Company, which has been closed since February, when racist statements and comments from firefighters came to light following an online virtual conference, voted for the dissolution. The announcement was made at the beginning of the Commissioner’s meeting on Wednesday night when Township Solicitor Michael Pierce revealed that the District Attorney’s Office had reported no crime in the meeting or taping of the meeting. ..

“Maniac” driver spends time in state prison for police pursuit in Chester County

According to a judge at the Common Pleas Court, a Delaware man who led police in two high-speed pursuits in four months “drives like a maniac,” and if allowed, sets a better example for children. I promised to show you. Spend his sentence in Chester County Jail. “Since I was sitting in the county prison all these months, I realized I had to do the right thing,” Antoine Freeman told Judge Patrick Carmody on Wednesday about four separate criminal cases. He spoke at the hearing of the judgment. He apologized and stated that he accepted responsibility for what he had done. For his sons, “I want to be a positive role model.”

A Philadelphia man arrested on suspicion of killing a pregnant woman at a King of Prasha gas station

A Philadelphia man appeared in police Wednesday morning in connection with the shooting of a 31-year-old woman at the King of Prasha on Friday, April 8. -Accusations related to the degree of murder resulting from the shooting of Tamara Cornelius and her fetus

A Wincourt woman convicted of a plot to access a former employer’s computer for money

A resident of Montgomery County is one of two women convicted by the US District Court for accessing a computer system without the permission of financial interests from a nonprofit charity. US lawyer Jennifer Arbitier Williams is guilty of Jude Dennis, 54, of the Wincourt section of Cheltenham and Francis Marie Edding, 68, of Orlando, Florida, after a trial in federal court in Allentown. Announced that it had been sentenced. Women will face sentencing later this year.

Lower Merion Fire Force saves a 4-year-old girl after her finger gets caught in a chair

Lower Merion firefighters have come to rescue a child who is stuck in a slightly awkward situation. At 2:26 pm on Monday, the crew of the Merion Fire Brigade in Ardmore took action after receiving a call about a small child whose finger was caught in a chair in the suburban square of Ardmore. The incident happened at a restaurant in 68 Coulter Ave.


Brandon Nimmo (9) of the New York Mets hit Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Aaron Nola (9) after hitting a home run in three baseball games in Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 13, 2022. We have a base behind 27). (AP photo / Lawrence Kesterson)

Phillies Notebook: Segura, Phils feel the influence of give and take when it comes to hitting batters

It was not surprising that Jean Segura fell to the pitch on Wednesday six innings just because the Phillies pitcher wasn’t paying too much attention to the treatment of inside pitching for Mets batters. Still, that little sideshow to Mets’ 9-6 victory had a major party to wipe out deliberate careless thoughts. “I don’t think it was intentional from either side,” said manager Joe Girardi after the series in which Aaron Nola’s Phillies defeated Mets 5 to 1. “Now it’s a game. I hit them with some breaking balls, so … there’s no malice on my side. I hate to see our guy fall out of the game, but that’s the intention It’s not always the case. “

Parent: Jeff Singer wants a dream gig with Phillies to get engaged again

Jeff Singer seemed to want to immerse himself in every moment he could from this unexpected overnight trip to South Philadelphia. He sat at the Phillies Clubhouse before Wednesday’s Series Finale and put the New York Mets, a small hardshell suitcase and equipment bag at his feet. Not long ago, there were rumors that Phillies’ nearly $ 10 million a year, Corey Knebel, had subsided from the flu and returned to an active roster. Later, his COVID injury list status was upgraded with negative test results. Therefore, the singer’s sudden call ended after the match on Tuesday night and lost 2-0 to Mets, who spent some of his time on the home bullpen tour.


Joan Jett will take the band’s Black Hearts to Reading’s Thunder Performing Arts Center at 7:30 pm on Thursday.

Joan Jett Concert, “Susical Musical” Top Weekend Event [Events roundup]

Here are some ways to go out on the Easter weekend.

The fire brigade dissolves racist comments. “Maniac” drivers spend time in jail.Gas station killer suspect arrested

Source link The fire brigade dissolves racist comments. “Maniac” drivers spend time in jail.Gas station killer suspect arrested

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