The FBI nominates a pipeline cyber attacker because the company promises profits | Business

Washington (AP) — A major U.S. fuel pipeline operator hit by a cyberattack said Monday that the FBI and government officials identified the criminal as a gang of criminal hackers, nearly restoring service by the weekend. He said he wanted it.

The colonial pipeline, which supplies about 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast, shut down last week after revealing a ransomware attack that said it affected some systems. On Monday, U.S. officials sought to ease concerns about rising prices and damage to the economy by emphasizing that fuel supplies had never been interrupted, and the company said by the weekend that it would “substantially operational services.” He said he was working towards a “recovery of the economy.”

Nonetheless, the attack highlighted the vulnerabilities of other important industries in which the country’s energy sector and infrastructure are largely privately owned. Ransomware attacks are typically carried out by criminal hackers who scramble data, paralyze the victim’s network, and demand large payments to decrypt the data.

Colonial attacks were a strong reminder of the impact of fast-growing threats on the real world. The Biden administration must deal with attacks that are difficult to prevent from cybercriminals, even though they are working to confront organized hacking campaigns sponsored by foreign governments.

“We need to invest to protect our critical infrastructure,” President Joe Biden said on Monday.

The attack occurred when a government working to respond to a large-scale breach of federal agencies and private companies by Russia was working on an executive order aimed at strengthening cybersecurity defenses. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has formed a ransomware task force designed for situations like colonial pipelines, and the Department of Energy focused on protecting energy infrastructure from cyber threats on April 20. Announced daily initiatives. Similar actions are planned for other important industries.

Nevertheless, the challenges facing the government and the private sector remain immeasurable.

In this case, the FBI moved at an unusual rate to identify the accusations, saying that the criminal organization used to attack the ransomware was named Dark Side. Members of the group are Russian-speaking people, and syndicated malware is coded using a Russian keyboard to prevent attacks on the network.

Anne Neuberger, National Security Adviser for Cyber ​​and Emerging Technologies at the White House, said at a briefing that the group emerged just a few months ago. She states that the group’s business model is to require victims to pay the ransom and split revenues depending on what she said is a “new and very nasty variant.” I did.

She declined to say if the colonial pipeline paid the ransom, and the company has shown no signs of that in either way. The FBI has traditionally discouraged victims from making payments for fear of facilitating additional attacks, but acknowledges the “extremely difficult” situation facing victims and thwarts ransomware. He said he needed to “carefully consider this area” about the best way to do it.

The United States last month sanctioned Kremlin for hacking a federal agency that authorities linked to military intelligence and described as intelligence. However, in this case, it is not known that the hacker is working at the request of the foreign government.

The group posted a statement on the dark website describing themselves as apolitic. “Our goal is to make money, not to cause problems for society,” said Dark Side.

Biden was asked on Monday if Russia was involved. “I’m going to meet President Putin (Vladimir). So far, there is no evidence from our intelligence that Russia is involved, but there is evidence. Actor Ransomware is in Russia. ..

“They have a responsibility to deal with this,” he added.

U.S. officials say protracted economic impact and fuel supply disruptions, especially given the important role of colonial pipelines transporting gasoline, jet fuel, diesel and other petroleum products in the 10 states between Texas and New Jersey. We have sought to dispel concerns about the possibility of.

The colonial is in the process of resuming part of the network. On Monday, he said he was assessing product inventory in the facility’s storage tanks. Government officials emphasized that the company aggressively took some of its systems offline, saving operating systems, rather than being done by hackers.

Following the attack, the government relaxed restrictions on the transportation of petroleum products on the highway as part of a “total” effort to avoid interruptions in fuel supply.

Debnil Chowdhury, Executive Director of IHS Markit, said: He said the last blackout of this magnitude occurred in 2016, when gas prices rose 15 to 20 cents per gallon. However, the northeastern region had much more refining capacity at the time, which could have an increased impact.

If pipeline outages continue, the industry may want to rely on barges to transport fuel, which may require an exemption from the Jones Law.

According to third-bridge analysts, the pipeline leverages both common and custom technology systems, which can complicate the task of bringing the entire network back online.

Gasoline futures rose on Monday. Crude and fuel futures, the prices traders pay for future delivery contracts, usually begin to rise each year as the driving season approaches. The price you pay with a pump tends to follow.

The average US price of regular-grade gasoline has risen 6 cents over the past two weeks to $ 3.02 per gallon. That’s $ 1.05 higher than it was a year ago. The previous year’s figures are slightly distorted as the country was blocked by a pandemic.

Attacks on colonial pipelines can exacerbate upward pressure on prices if they are not resolved for a period of time.

The FBI nominates a pipeline cyber attacker because the company promises profits | Business

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