The family tradition continues with the opening of Don Waltman’s Market House Meat & Deli.Local business news

Williamsport, PA-Don Waltman’s Meat and Deli has been a Williamsport tradition for over 50 years, at Don Waltman’s Market House Meat & Deli, which Waltman’s name opened in 2022. It will continue when you start a new life. New location on 701 Northway Road.

Waltman, who died in September 2021 at the age of 78, just months after his retirement, took over the family business at the age of 19. Waltman’s decades-established recipes, high-quality products, and dedicated service. According to the press release, service to the Williamsport community will continue, with new locations and reconstructions of Waltman from Larry and Stephanie Allison.

“It’s really a perfect circle and we continue our own family tradition of embracing, continuing and growing family roots in this area and providing quality service to our community. I’m very excited about that, “said Mrs. Allison. “While adding a unique flair to the new markethouse, Don Waltman continues to offer some of the recipes that were famous for bringing that nostalgia to new ventures.”

The Allisons purchased Don Waltman’s meat and deli containing Waltman’s famous recipe in the summer of 2021 after Waltman announced his retirement. The established Williamsport business owner, The Allisons, has long been committed to helping the community through venture and philanthropic support.

The family tradition of Mrs. Allison’s meat and deli owners begins with her great-grandfather, William Fly. William Fly immigrated from Germany and ran Fly Brothers with Waltman at the former Williamsport Market House in the 1950s, after which he opened the Fly Brothers Turkey Ranch. In Trout Run, Pennsylvania. Her grandfather, Ralph Steel, owned and operated the S & E Market (now Tony’s Deli) in 1964 and then opened Ralph’s Meet on Market Street, which closed in 1992. Steele worked at Waltmans after closing his store.

Mrs. Allison, who owns and manages wine and design in downtown Williamsport, said: “Larry and I are excited to start this new chapter with our children and continue to provide quality experiences that are synonymous with the Waltman, Frey and Steele families for generations. “

The new Don Waltman’s Market House Meat & Deli will open in early 2022 outside the Faxon Street exit at the West Third Street intersection on Northway Road. The new location will open approximately 50 years after Waltman first relocated from the original Williamsport Markethouse location after the 1972 flood. With ample parking, the markethouse features many of Waltman’s original recipes and offers local brands and favorites. Now and then.

Their website offers pre-orders to easily pick up both ready-to-eat options and meat and grocery options when they open. Special orders and catering opportunities are also planned. Updates will continue to be available by following @ DWMarketHouse. Facebook And Instagram.

Offering a special holiday for your favorite freshly prepared meal, either pineapple and cherry-covered brown sugar honey glossed ham, or garlic and herb-roasted ribeye roast-both three Available in delicious fresh side and Lycoming Bakery bread. A limited number of orders will be accepted until December 13th. Orders are pickable and ready to cook from December 22nd to 24th with complete ingredients and instructions.Order online

“Don Waltman’s Meat and Deli and Market House were both institutions. We are excited to bring new life to this iconic Williamsport agency,” Mrs. Allison said. “We want to have a soft launch after this year’s vacation so that we can continue to be part of many family traditions for future generations.”

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The family tradition continues with the opening of Don Waltman’s Market House Meat & Deli.Local business news

Source link The family tradition continues with the opening of Don Waltman’s Market House Meat & Deli.Local business news

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