The Eagles play caller drama is meaningless. The only important variable is Jalen Hurts.

It may be Shane Steichen’s voice in the earholes, but these are Nick Sirianni’s plays. This is one of two points from the 2022 Great Play-Calling Caper. But the most important one is this. Jalen Hurts needs to be run.

To catch up with all the dramas, let’s start by noting that we are currently in the June part of the NFL calendar year. In other words, everything we are talking about is the product of having to find what we want to talk about other than baseball. There are many ways to weave the biggest news of the Eagles early summer, but none of them matter. In fact, the news itself is not important. It’s not new either.

Last December, Nick Sirianni publicly announced at a mid-week press conference that he wasn’t the Eagles’ main offensive play caller, and in a follow-up question, offensive coordinator Shu. We are happy to confirm that Taihen is responsible for the call to play. A few months ago, Inquirer Jeff McLean provided additional context by reporting that Sirianni took over responsibility for the playcall in the midseason to reduce the load between the whistles.

And so was it.

At least until last week. At that time, McLean followed up on his spring report by asking Steichen about the switch. And it was then that Steichen uttered a fateful word. “I’m going to call a play next year.”

And, like this, it was something that everyone was surprised at.

Everyone except Sirianni.

“Remember this, again,” Sirianni said Wednesday after Eagles finished the final training in the pre-summer training camp phase. “I’m talking about the next theater group on my headset. Discuss the theater [regarding] What’s coming “

The important thing is that when you talk about who is calling the play, you need to be clear about what you are talking about. If every game is an audiobook, Steichen is just the person reading the word.

Most of the NFL game play is called long before the opening kickoff. Minimal decisions are made within 25 seconds of a quarterback headset running. Sirianni and Steichen spend a week deciding which play to call in which situation. The hard work is deciding what to do with the Waffle House menu on Sunday. From there, all kinds flow on their own.

“I don’t want you to get involved in this because he’s calling the play on the day of the match,” Sirianni said. “There’s a lot of things happening before the game is called. I won’t explain the percentage of play I call or what he calls, but there’s a lot of things happening before that. It’s a real group. Enter it. Effort. Then it’s a question of who calls it on Sunday. “

The only important task in all of these is the responsibility of the recipient of these play calls. Jalen Hurts is the most relevant variable in this formula, just as Tom Brady was in New England, Ben Roethlisberger was in Pittsburgh, and Lamar Jackson was in Baltimore. Looking at it that way, you can see how meaningless this is. Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh are three of the best head coaches of the NFL game in the last 20 years. None of them are Andy Reid or Sean McVay or Kyle Shanahan’s type of aggressive play caller. All of them presided over some terrible good crimes.

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In that regard, Sirianni’s decision to “waive” the obligation of a major playcall is another sign that his mood is exactly what the Eagles need at this stage. I’ve been critical of Jeffrey Lully and Howie Roseman for over a decade, but knowing what he’s seeing when he’s in the interview room with a future head coach it is clear. It was easy to joking that Lully had a pandemic glance when the Eagles announced that they had hired Sirianni out of nowhere last winter. Ted Lasso.. But maybe the little lasso was what the Eagles needed.

“I think it’s from the ego’s point of view that the NFL has a lot of problems,” Sirianni said Wednesday. “That’s the best way. If I say,” I stand on the table and perform these plays that I performed with Philip Rivers, because that’s our job. ” It’s an ego for me. So the same is true here. I felt I needed to make changes in the sense of how to free me to be a better head coach, and I had a good assistant to call the play, and that’s what I did is. “

Again, you can rotate the result as you like. The big change in the Eagles season came when they realized that their best strategy was to limit what they wanted from Hearts. Every team in the NFL has rushed more yards than the Eagles have done in the last 11 games. It wasn’t too close. The Eagles clocked in at 2,033 yards above the ground, more than 200 yards ahead of second-placed Indianapolis. Was it the result of Steichen’s call for theater? Or was it the result of Sirianni and Steichen recognizing the best places to butter bread?

The harsh reality is: Only four teams passed in fewer yards than the Eagles did in the last 11 games. Even when the Eagles reached 7-4, Hearts scored an average of 184.9 yards with 8 touchdowns, 5 intercepts, 14 sack and 85.9QB ratings. The wound was on average only 25 pass attempts during the stretch.

This wasn’t a problem for Steichen to shatter the old Justin Herbert playbook. This recognized what team the Eagles needed to be in order for Sirianni to win, and such a team knew he needed to be a head coach, not a play caller.

That’s a good thing, be careful. Ruri got a good one at Sirianni. But in the end, only Hearts can turn an Eagles attack into a unit that can win the Super Bowl. Everything else is early summer noise.

David Murphy is a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Eagles play caller drama is meaningless. The only important variable is Jalen Hurts.

Source link The Eagles play caller drama is meaningless. The only important variable is Jalen Hurts.

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