The Duchess of Catherine praises science students when they return to school.Celebrity

The Duchess of Cambridge was impressed by the students studying infant development on their visit to the school.

The 39-year-old royal family was a special visitor to Noir Hill High School in Halo, London this week. There she revealed to young people that she was passionate about learning about baby’s brain and development.

She tells the classroom: It’s my true passion, leaning about the baby’s brain, how our adult’s brain develops, and how our early childhood affects the adult’s brain.

“Keep thinking about it and chat with your friends about it. Well done, very impressed, and thank you for bringing me.”

Students between the ages of 11 and 14 participated in The Seen Education and Research Project, funded by Kindred 2, a first-year organization developed by the University of Oxford.

The students attended three lessons on neuroscience.

Principal Louise Bowden commented: There is a wide range of students, from those going from Cambridge to Oxford to those with more difficult educational needs. But they all really benefit from this experience. “

Catherine set up her own research center this summer for the development of young children.

The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, which marked the end of her decade of research on this subject, was announced to raise awareness and help “change life.”

In a video commemorating the official launch of the center, Catherine wore a necklace with the initials of the children, Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte. Explained the importance of “and how she sees this” as a “great opportunity” to create a “happier and more mentally healthy” society.

She states: “The Center works closely with others to understand why the first five years of life are so important to the outcomes of our future life and to embrace this great opportunity and create happiness in society. We want to raise awareness of what we can do as a society that is more mentally healthy and nurtured.

“I hope that working together can change the way we think about our childhood and change the lives of the next generation.

“Because I really believe that big changes start with small things.”

The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood basically forms adulthood during the first five years of early childhood, with many of the challenges facing adults such as addiction, violence, family collapse, and mental health in their early childhood. It is based on research that shows that it arises from experience.

The center focuses on research and development of solutions, both public and private voluntary, and campaigns to raise awareness of the problem.

The Duchess of Catherine praises science students when they return to school.Celebrity

Source link The Duchess of Catherine praises science students when they return to school.Celebrity

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