The drilling company wants to pump 1.5 million gallons of water daily from Big Sewick Creek.

Beaver County, Pennsylvania (KDKA) —Some local fishermen oppose drilling companies’ demands to pump more than a million gallons of water a day from Big Sewi Creek Creek.

Everywhere along the Big Sewick Creek, it’s a great place to set a line and enjoy nature, but it can change.

PennEnergy Resources wants to pump 1.5 million gallons of water per day from a trout-rich stream in the Economy Autonomous Region for use in hydraulic fracturing operations. The stream passes through several municipalities in Beaver, Allegheny and Butler County.

“If you want to keep a fish alive, you need to feed any fish all year round. There are large invertebrates that depend on being in the water. When they are removed, the fish starve to death.” Said Bob Schmetzer, a trout fisherman and environmentalist.

Schmetzer is worried about wildlife as well as fish.

“The deer come down from the forest and get a drink …. where do you get the water when this stream dries?” He said.

Big Sewick Creek is a favorite of the people of Beaver County.

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The Big Sewick Creek Basin Association is fighting the proposed plan and is requesting the Environmental Protection Agency to reject the drilling company’s application. BSCWA believes that one of the biggest concerns is that streams are often very low and large amounts of water intake can permanently affect habitat.

“Pennsylvania is a federal state, and all streams in Pennsylvania belong to the general public, not one real estate owner, one company, or one municipality,” Schmetzer said.

The stream is also home to endangered species.

“It’s called the Southern Red Berry Dice. It’s on the federal protection list, and it’s a rare fish that would be killed if this stream dries,” he said.

Schmetzer wants the stream to never dry, so he keeps rolling fish and the local habitat remains protected.

“It’s not just fish here. It’s home to all wildlife, and there are people near this stream who have a fountain for drinking water,” Schmetzer said.

DEP said it would review Penn Energy Resource’s application for proposed intakes, intake structures, and temporary waterlines.

On May 17, DEP issued a defect notice regarding the submitted water management plan. PennEnergy Resources has requested an extension and response to the water management plan is currently scheduled for July 16.

On June 1, DEP stated that the applicant had submitted a response to the deficiency notice regarding the joint permit application issued by DEP. This will administratively complete this information and application and begin a technical review.

The drilling company wants to pump 1.5 million gallons of water daily from Big Sewick Creek.

Source link The drilling company wants to pump 1.5 million gallons of water daily from Big Sewick Creek.

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