The county infection rate and positive rate are Pa.Below average

The gradual upward trend in COVID-19 cases continued most recently in Berks County for the fifth week. Pennsylvania Health Department Early Warning Monitoring Dashboard..

Burkes is well below the state average on key indicators, but has caused state surges in some counties that were formerly relatively safe shelters.

The infection rate of Burks was 53.7 per 100,000 population, and the positive rate was 8.7%. The population is 429,000.

The overall number of states is 87.8 per 100,000 and the positive rate is 10.7%.

Previously a pandemic and strong, but warmly moving adjacent counties are:

• Chester: 110.1 cases per 100,000, 12.3%.

• Montgomery: 124.7 and 13.7% per 100,000.

Chester has about 100,000 more inhabitants than Burks, and Montgomery has almost doubled its population. In both cases, Burks seemed to be below the state average for most of the past year.

Another county in the region that contributes to the number of states is Luzerne at 142.1 and 13.6%.

Outbreaks in Bradford County, on the New York border north of Lucerne, have peaked with the latest weekly updates, with at least 402.8 new cases per 100,000 and a positive rate of 18.9%.

Pennsylvania’s latest monthly figures from the State Health Department press release:

• A total of 39,981 new COVID cases were reported in April, averaging 1,333 per day.

• A total of 651 people are currently hospitalized with COVID on May 1, 193 more than those reported on April 1.

• There were 403 deaths due to COVID identified in the Pennsylvania Death Certificate, with an average daily death toll of approximately 14 in April.

Some of this second Omicron surge statistic would have warned state health officials during the pandemic period. The pandemic has not been officially declared, but the recent surge has been welcomed with few comments from health authorities.

Pennsylvania removed daily updates on May 4th, Weekly updates to the main COVID dashboard Monthly press releases on cases, hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations.

The latest update to its dashboard on May 4 showed that the number of people hospitalized in Pennsylvania was about 100 more than the total number of press releases.

The latest total number of vaccinations for Burks is:

• 246,086: Completed two doses of Pfizer or Moderna.

• 113,384: There was at least one booster dose or booster injection due to immunodeficiency.

• 10,149: Received a second boost or another boost due to immune deficiency.

People who die for any reason after becoming part of the vaccination statistics will not be removed from the roll. The State Health Department predicts that a total of 4,444 Burks inhabitants will die from all causes in 2021.4.4% increase.

The number of COVID deaths among Burks residents is 1,594, and the number of COVID deaths in Burks is recorded at 1,455.

Hundreds of Burks residents died outside the county, and a few non-residents died in Burks. The exact number is no longer tracked.

National image

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and PreventionThe third omicron derivative, known as BA.2.12.2, continued to grow steadily. In some cases, at least some of the mild spikes have been blamed.

It is 36.5% nationwide, but 40.9% on the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Omicron’s second derivative, BA.2, remains predominant at 61.9% nationwide and 57.7% on the Mid-Atlantic coast.

The original Omicron and its first derivatives are almost non-existent.

Nationwide According to the CDC, the 7-day average case has more than doubled since it bottomed out after the first Omicron Blitz...

According to the CDC, the average for the last 7 days is 67,263. The average for the seven days of March 29, 2022, was 24,843.

The current 7-day average is only 8.4% of the same average at the height of the Omicron surge.

An unknown factor continues to be the number of people testing at home who have not reported results.

The county infection rate and positive rate are Pa.Below average

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