The closer Liam Hendriks acts as the “voice” of the Chicago White Sox for Thursday’s Pride Night celebration – Reading Eagle

The Chicago White Sox will host its annual Pride Night on Thursday for the opening round of the four-game series against the Baltimore Orioles.

Liam Hendriks, a sock closer who raised the pride flag with his wife Christie in the Guaranteed Rate Field, said it was important for all baseball organizations to show support for the LGBTQ + community.

Many MLB teams already hold events in connection with Pride Month, but Tampa Bay Rays recently released national news when the team started. The celebration of Pride Night was controversial Whether players need to wear a cap or jersey with a rainbow logo. Five Rays pitchers, Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Rays, Jeffrey Springs, and Ryan Thompson, have removed the Rainbow logo and put on their regular caps.

Adams told the Tampa Bay Times that he decided not to wear the rainbow logo for religious reasons. That behavior is the same as (Jesus) recommending me as a heterosexual man to refrain from having sex outside the scope of marriage. “

In an interview on Tuesday, Hendricks refused to address the Rays controversy, saying “everyone has the right to accept his opinion.” Socks players are not required to put a logo on their caps or jerseys, according to a team spokesman.

Is it important for the entire team to show support?

“It’s not necessarily the whole team,” Hendricks replied. “But with more people involved at a particular point in time, we’re trying to move the ball forward every year, whether we’re one player this year or next …

“I know there are a lot of players who are very open to the concept of doing something. They just don’t know if they want to be (aloud). They all decide to support it. Participating. They are not sure if they can go out and make such a voice and show their faces.

“I want to take us to a society where we can say anything and have our own opinions, unless we have a dislike for the whole demographics.”

Hendrix said he was not only pleased with Socks’ voice celebrating Pride Night, but also discussed the front office and its involvement before signing here as a free agent.

“It was never a request, and it wasn’t a decision or a break,” he said of the argument. “It’s,’Hey, if you don’t have (pride night), this is a conversation we have to do. And if you have it, how can I get more involved? Can you do it?”

“I want to be an ambassador, but I want to make sure it has a player’s name. I can move forward and have one guy or a group of guys on every team. Faced with this (event), he says, “This is what we do at the clubhouse.” That is what we are aiming for. “

Hendrix also donated the South Slida Society brand pride flag to the socks event. These will be distributed free of charge in Section 154. Liam Hendriks has been involved in this goal for many years and has confirmed that he has received unpleasant comments on social media. Support the LGBTQ + community.

He calls them “cowards” and will never make the same comment on his face.

“Everyone tends to be a keyboard warrior if there is no effect,” says Hendricks. “That’s the reality. In fact, my hatred for being on my side is gained when others are in the limelight or in the limelight overcoming this test of going out and being loyal to themselves. Very limited compared to what is done.

“That shouldn’t happen in life. But unfortunately, it’s a lot of unknowing judgment. It’s a lot of hatred and vitriol about a particular lifestyle. I don’t think there’s a perfect person in this world. The fact that they can determine someone else about who they are is damaging the entire population. “


The closer Liam Hendriks acts as the “voice” of the Chicago White Sox for Thursday’s Pride Night celebration – Reading Eagle

Source link The closer Liam Hendriks acts as the “voice” of the Chicago White Sox for Thursday’s Pride Night celebration – Reading Eagle

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