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On the Chicago Bulls Interstate 94, the postseason match for the first time in five years was frightening.

In the first round series with Milwaukee Bucks, no one gave them a shot. Even the most optimistic Bulls fans wanted to head off-season and watch some good matches before paying attention to the baseball season.

If the Bulls wanted this to be a competitive series, it seemed essential to change the Game 1 narrative to Bucks. However, when Janis Adetokumpo hit three pointers in the first minute and a half to give Bucks a 9-0 lead, it seemed that the match was decided before the first State Farm commercial.

No spoiler alert was needed. We have all seen this movie.

However, something strange happened on the way to the explosion at the Fiserv Forum.

The Bulls bounced off a 16-point deficit and went into the game, but only saw Bucks maintain a 93-86 victory.

Nikola Vucevic’s 24 points and 17 rebounds weren’t enough as Bucks sighed in a wild match. Antetokunpo led the Bucks with 27 points and 16 rebounds, similar to last year’s postseason.

“It’s difficult,” said Zach LaVine. “After the first small run they did in the first quarter, we counterattacked and informed them that we were here. I think it would be a good match.”

Both LaVine and DeMar DeRozan had bad shots, combining 12-44 shots and scoring 18 points each. Vucevic was 9 out of 27, and he and Ravine were 4 out of 20 in 3 seconds. The fact that the Bulls were able to overcome it — and the disadvantages of 47-37 on the board — and still have a chance, should increase their confidence towards Game 2.

“It wasn’t just me,” DeRozan said of his offnight. “All of us. We need to get that feeling. Every shot I took felt good. I guarantee it — I, Zack and Voch aren’t going to miss that many shots again. You need to maintain (execute) what you have done defensively and take it to another level (shooting). “

Bulls Nation is well represented in Game 1, with enough road trip fans to boo Grayson Allen loudly when Bucks guards enter the first quarter and every time he jumps off the bench. bottom. You can’t blame Bucks fans for treating this first round series like a retrofit and putting tickets in the resale market.

They are accelerating towards June, and although it is snowing on Monday’s forecast, it seemed far away.

The Dia District, a hotspot outside the Fiserv Forum that Milwaukee made famous in last year’s championship run, was almost empty before the chip-off. The temperature in their thirties and the start time of Easter Sunday evening were probably factors, not to mention the opponents that no one in town took seriously. At some point, Bucks fans began chanting “O-ver-ra-ted” at the Bulls, as if they were facing a college team.

The Bulls didn’t mind the noise. They knew the job at hand and knew that winning Game 1 would silence all the stories about the short series.

If Bucks had lost the game in the series, this would have been a game for take. Game 1’s Bucks have been 1-6 in the last two postseasons, but Bulls coach Billy Donovan said, “It’s important to go back to what happened in the game a year, two or three years ago. It’s one of the first round playoff series and says it’s a trend. “

The Bulls dragged within 8 in half-time and dragged 51-43, but Antetokunpo already scored 17 points and 11 rebounds, while the Bulls had the worst shots of 31.7% from the field and 17.6% from the 3-point range. Was released. The series was playing as most people imagined.

“They really hurt us on the backboard, and when they were there and we came down on the rebound, we had to be able to run,” Donovan said. .. “We hurriedly took a lot of pull-up jump shots. It’s a quick 3 seconds. You have to go downhill to the basket and spray it.”

However, the Bulls took the chip third slowly, and when Vucevic sank 3 with 4 minutes and 39 seconds left, the game was a draw, the Bulls fans erupted all at once, and the Fiserv Forum was United Center North. Sounded like. Coby White hit 3 to give the Bulls the first lead and converted the driving layup with the next possession.

Since then, it has been a thriller going back and forth to the end. When DeRozan hit the jumper and rebounded Brook Lopez’s mistake, Bucks led 87-82 with two and a half minutes remaining. The backdoor pass from Vucevic to Alex Caruso led to a layup that sliced ​​the deficit into one.

The Bulls had a chance at the last moment, but Vucevic missed the putback and Ravien misfired with a three-point attempt with 30 seconds remaining. The two free throws on Jrue Holiday with 15.3 seconds remaining proved to be daggers.

DeRozan agreed that he missed the opportunity to steal the opener on the street.

“They did what they were supposed to do at home,” he said. “There is another opportunity to steal a home coat. That is our goal now.

“There’s a lot we can analyze from this game … to clean up and make it better. It’s definitely a shame to miss a chance. But before returning to Chicago, there’s another opportunity in Milwaukee. “

In fact, the Bulls returned to Chicago after the match, slept in their bed on Monday and Tuesday, and practiced at the Advocate Center. Donovan said a short drive to the house and a two-day break could benefit them.

“The convenience of the location was good, at least in terms of year-end travel,” he said. “That’s one thing I found great in the bubble during the (2020) playoffs. No travel, just a bus from the hotel to Disney.

“And that’s what I’m told. If there was a day in between, we would definitely have stayed here. But with two days (holiday), we’re home at a decent time. They have a chance to go back to practice (Monday) and come back on Tuesday, sleeping in their bed. “

The Bulls can sleep well knowing that they have made Bucks work for the victory in Game 1. But if you want this to be a long series, you have to do a little more.


The Chicago Bulls prove they can hang with Milwaukee Bucks, but escape the chance of stealing their home coat – Reading Eagle

Source link The Chicago Bulls prove they can hang with Milwaukee Bucks, but escape the chance of stealing their home coat – Reading Eagle

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