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WEST GROVE — Law enforcement is typical of the security of communities across the United States.

In West Grove Autonomous Region and elsewhere in Chester County, it is important to provide local police to residents.

The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department was established in 2017, when West Grove and New Garden police merged.

Since then, Avondale has signed a short-term contract for police services through the regional department.

The contract will be reviewed by the new autonomous region council in January.

“As a resident, as a mayoral election, I’ve done a lot of work with the police over the years,” said Susan Lucidro, Mayor of Avondale. “Community policing is very important.”

She said, “Then your executives know the community, they know the people.”

“It’s really important,” Rzucidlo added.

The Southern Chester County Regional Police Department was awarded accreditation status by the Pennsylvania State Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission in 2020 under the direction of Chief Gerald Simpson.

As previously reported, North Coventry, Phoenixville, Upper Uchiran, East Brandy Wine, Westtown-East Gosen Police Station, State Police, etc., Chester County Police Stations are accredited by the Pennsylvania Chiefs Association. There are few things.

Of the 1,117 law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania, 120 are accredited.

Elsewhere in Chester County, Kennett Square is in the process of being certified.

After all, the highest ethics of law enforcement at the local level is not only to provide the security of the community, but also that the foundation of justice for all prospers in American society here at home and elsewhere. Most important in guaranteeing.

The headquarters of the Chester County Southern Police Station is located in Landenberg, Route 41, 8934 Gap Newport Pike in New Garden Township.

The community held a grand opening ceremony for the new command center in September 2019.

Notable is the shy police facility on the Delaware border on Route 41, featuring Avondale’s brownstone in honor of the hard-working community served by the ministry. As previously reported, no tax was raised on the construction of a $ 5 million state-of-the-art regional police facility.

Underlying the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department are four important beliefs: human life, integrity, justice, and duty.

Some police headquarters feel claustrophobic on admission. In contrast, like many facilities in Central Jersey, the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department was designed to be community friendly.

Given the reality of people’s separation over the last two years since the closure of the pandemic in March 2020, it’s not well utilized, but there are even conference centers available to the community for local events.

But change is here and the value of local police cannot be underestimated.

West Grove Mayor Stephen Black said the benefits to the autonomous region have been so great that it is difficult to quantify since the inauguration of the Southern Chester County District Police Department. One of the things he pointed out is that West Grove now has access to more tools to ensure public safety.

West Grove is less than a square mile and lies between London Grove and Avondale.

Still, “we are not isolated,” Black said. “Crime doesn’t stop at our borders.”

The commissioner said the deal between Avondale and SCCRPD began two years ago. Prior to that, the autonomous region had a local police contract with Parkesburg, more than 14 miles away.

In contrast, SCCRPD is only 3.2 km (2 miles) away. Not only does New Garden and Avondale share the city boundaries, but all local public education children attend the Avon Grove School District or Avon Grove Charter School.

Since the formation of SCCRPD, Westgrove has now been reported to police 24 hours a day in the autonomous region, Mr Black said.

He added that SCCRPD has 18 to 20 detectives.

Black has been Mayor of West Grove since 2000.

He said the autonomous region is home to more than 2,800 inhabitants. Thanks to participating in SCCRPD, some police officers are doing bicycle patrols throughout the community, as the weather permits.

At the end of this year, Black will end his service as a local police commissioner. That position will be taken over by New Garden Township supervisor Stephen Ala Band in January.

According to Black, the 2021 SCCRPD budget was $ 3 million. The cost will be paid through 80% for New Garden and 20% for West Grove.

Avondale currently has a $ 99,000 contract with SCCRPD, which will be renewed in the new year.

Neighboring communities such as East Marborough Township and London Globe Township do not have their own local police station.

“We want to expand,” Black said.

“Meeting businesses and people living in the community, that is, community-based police activities,” says Black.

The Chester County Southern Regional Police Department continues to make a difference and appears to expand – Daily Local

Source link The Chester County Southern Regional Police Department continues to make a difference and appears to expand – Daily Local

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