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The bus driver was accused of taking a “skirted” photo of the girl

A former Marple Newtown school district bus driver who allegedly admitted to police that he had taken an “upskirt” video of a female Catholic school student he was transporting abandoned his preliminary placement. ..

Bruce Stanley Garner, 70, 100 blocks on W. Plumstead Avenue in Lansdowne, counts 139 each for sexual abuse of children, illegal contact with minors, invasion of privacy, and criminal use of communications facilities. It puts the welfare of children at risk and counts each of possession of criminal tools as one.

He was scheduled to hold a preliminary hearing before the Magisterial District Judge Andrew Goldberg on Friday, but his next appearance will take place on July 6 at the Media District Hall and is official on all charges. A prosecution will be filed.

Garner was indicted in May after one of the victims caught him in a video with his cell phone lying down while talking to a student. She drew it to her mother’s attention and they brought the matter to the school district.

Police chief Dave Montella said at a news conference last month that there was no evidence that Garner had physical contact with any of the eight alleged students between the ages of nine and fourteen.

A 14-year-old student at St. Mary’s Magdalen School in the media reported that she believed that Garner had been recording her for some time using her iPhone as she entered and exited the bus. This is Upper Providence Detective Sgt, according to an affidavit of the reasons for Garner’s arrest. George L. Moore.

Moore reviewed the videos taken by the students. The video is allegedly depicting Garner sitting in the driver’s seat of a bus, “holding his cell phone with his arms fully extended toward the floor and the camera facing up.”

Moore also interviewed his 14-year-old mother. She said the girl, she and two other young women, had been uncomfortable around Garner for some time.

Victim suspects said this usually happens when girls wear traditional Catholic uniforms, including skirts. According to the affidavit, in a video shot by the girl on Monday, Moore said she could hear Garner discussing the 14-year-old lacrosse playoffs.

“In the process of getting on and off the bus, they noticed that he often had a phone next to him and found it unusual,” Moore said. “While he was driving a bus, they had never seen him talking on the phone, but when he got in and out of the bus … they started to doubt it and made it I was able to get the attention of my parents. When I got the attention of the school district, the police eventually got involved. “

During an interview with police, Garner allegedly admitted to recording a 14-year-old and two other young women, who by name identified him as a student of two other St. Mary Magdalen. .. According to his affidavit, Garner said that when students enter and leave the bus, they hold down the phone next to their seat and use the built-in camera to capture the victim’s “upper limbs and buttocks.” Stated.

When asked how long this happened, Garner is said to have said he took a video during the school year. According to his affidavit, he couldn’t confirm the number of videos he allegedly shot, but said, “Multiple times, that’s for sure.”

A forensic analysis of Garner’s phone revealed that 139 such videos of the victim’s “vaginal and buttock area” were taken, according to the affidavit. This corresponds to the number of prosecutions.

“In some videos, Garner gets the child / victim involved in the conversation, slowing it down or stopping it in the area of ​​the camera, allowing them to capture a better image of the child / victim’s pubic area.” Said the affidavit. To tell.

According to Montella, Garner has been a bus driver in the area since 2015 and has not been arrested in advance. He drove students in both the Marple New Town school district and the parish, but Montella said all of the victims were students of St. Mary Magdalen. He added that investigators continue to investigate Garner’s employment history.

District attorney Jack Stall Schtimer said last month that there was no evidence that Garner shared the alleged records online, but additional electronics could be confiscated and investigated.

According to online court records, Mr. Garner, represented by Philadelphia lawyer Robert Madden, paid $ 25,000 on bail on June 2. Madden previously stated that his client apologized for his actions and understood the seriousness and credibility of the allegations he violated.

“He’s on his own initiative to get mental health treatment,” Madden said. “He is his father and husband at the age of 70 and has never had any problems with him. He regrets his actions and promises to prove that he deserves his redemption. I am. “

Tina Kane, director of the Marple New Town School District, and Kenneth Gavin, Director of Communications for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, have previously indicated that their respective agencies will cooperate with police in the investigation.

The case has been charged by Deputy District Attorney Kristen Kemp, who is responsible for the Special Victim Unit. If you have additional information about the incident, please contact Moore (610-566-8445).

The bus driver was accused of taking a “skirted” photo of the girl

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