The Burkes Election Commission sends a letter to voting workers with incorrect election dates

Berks County has sent a second election document on the wrong date of the election day.

A letter dated October 28 was sent to 800 voting workers informing them that the Election Commission would need to appoint them for various vacancies.

This letter mentions the date of the election twice, November 3, 2020. The actual election date is November 2, 2021.

NS Reading Eagle The voting worker who received the letter contacted me on Saturday and asked me to remain anonymous. NS eagle He then contacted county authorities who were initially unaware of the error.

In a statement released Saturday afternoon, election officials said the letter sent to the voting workers appointed this week was not updated correctly and contained the wrong date of the election date. ..

They said the letter informing these individuals of their appointment was the same letter that was used last year and listed on November 3, 2020.

“The county has determined that the letter was not properly proofread before it was sent,” the statement said. “The election staff is calling the election judges in each of the 202 constituencies in the county and instructing the election judges to contact the voting staff to confirm the correct date.

The county has determined that this is the most efficient way to communicate with these individuals, as letters sent by mail may not be in time. “

This statement also apologizes for the error and any confusion or inconvenience it may cause.

News of false letters for polling workers comes after it was discovered on October 20 that the county mailed 17,000 votes with Spanish instructions. The deadline for returning the mailed ballot was incorrectly stated. The county is on November 18th at 8 pm. The correct date is 8 pm on November 2nd.

The date is correct with English instructions.

The commissioner said he was responsible for the mistake and knew how it was done. They said the instructions were based on the May 18 primary template. The month was changed for the general election, but the day was not.

Since then, they have corrected an error in the recently sent Spanish instructions and sent a letter to all 17,000 people who received the incorrect information. We also disseminate correct information in various ways.

Christian Reinbach said the Election Commission had conducted a thorough investigation to find out how the mistakes were made. In this case, it turned out that there was one person who created the instruction manual and no one checked the accuracy before shipping.

I didn’t know if the same person was the cause of both mistakes.

The board announced Thursday, the same day the letter to pollsters was mailed. From now on, all election materials will be verified by two people After creating them to prevent the errors like those on the instruction sheet from happening again.

Date error words come shortly after Saturday County Response to Manny Gasman State Assembly Newsletter Email And the county’s efforts to correct “misleading and inaccurate information.”

The Burkes Election Commission sends a letter to voting workers with incorrect election dates

Source link The Burkes Election Commission sends a letter to voting workers with incorrect election dates

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