The “BMF” series explores the climbing of the 80’s drug trafficking organization “Big Meet” | Entertainment

Los Angeles — Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson hears that his two brothers emerged from the rugged city of Detroit, becoming the wealthy drug champion and eventually embraced by hip-hop culture. I remembered.

Jackson heard Demetrius’ “Big Meet” Frenorie’s nickname repeatedly mentioned in rap songs by Gigi, TI and Rick Ross. He was very intrigued to climb the shabby wealth of Frennory and his brother Terry-albeit illegal-he wanted to develop a television series based on their lives.

Jackson is now trying to tell their story in a new crime series, BMF, premiering at Stars on Sunday night. The eight-episode series delves into the story behind the 1980s of two brothers who started the Black Mafia family, one of the most notorious drug trafficking organizations in American history.

“It’s a lifestyle choice people are familiar with at the street level,” said Jackson, executive producer of the series. “Beautiful things come from difficult and difficult lifestyles. This is what attracted me. Until it was right, I wanted to work on it.”

The “BMF” series falls under the deal between Jackson and Stars, and his executives produce the original “Power” series, which has become one of the hottest shows in cable network history. And starred. He said the strength of “BMF” is different from that of “power”. Because most people probably know the true story behind the Frenory brothers.

“When you see the theme music play in the opening sequence, you can see the flash photos of Terry and Meech passing through them,” Jackson said. “It’s very rare for you to see it when it’s not a documentary. We tried to make the story as close to the actual experience as possible.”

The Frenory brothers are nationwide with more than 500 employers who have distributed thousands of pounds of cocaine worth more than $ 270 million in cities in 11 states, including Detroit, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and Birmingham, Alabama. Led the drag ring. Their empire has stopped. In 2005, authorities arrested a brother with 100 conspirators in drug trafficking and money laundering through Frennory’s rap label and promotional business BMF Entertainment.

Demetrius Flenory, 52, is currently serving a 30-year sentence in a prison in Oregon. Terry was released under house arrest last year.

For the first time in the “BMF” series, actor Demetrius “Lil Meech” Frenory Jr. appeared as father and actor Da Vinci, Abraham D. Just was born, and his nickname is “Southwest T” Terry. Russell Hornsby and Michole Briana White will play the brothers’ parents, and Snoop Dogg will appear as their spiritual adviser. Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight and Eric Kofi-Abrefa will also appear.

Frennory Jr. said the series was not a tribute to his father’s escape from drug sales. He said the show focuses on his dad’s and uncle’s motives to make money in a “must-have” spirit.

“I can tell that story. It’s the only story that shows who my dad really was, and all the glitz and charm, not just what they heard and the opinions of others. Not just, “says several episodes of HBO’s” Euphoria “second season.

“I can show people how he actually started and what choices he made to become a big meet. Da’Vinchi went to make him a Southwest T. Shows the choices we made. We get a story of the origin of the whole show. I think that’s the most important thing. “

Despite the relative lack of acting experience of Norrie Jr., Jackson only imagined him portraying his dad. Jackson believed so much in the young man that he moved him to California, found a place to live for 18 months, put him in an acting class, and had him work with an acting coach.

“I caught him at a great time,” said Jackson of Frenory Jr. “His innocence wasn’t stolen. There are some vulnerabilities in his performance. And you look,” He looks like his dad. “But he Has never experienced daddy’s experience. “

Jackson favored Norrie Jr., but the young actor told everyone in the Stars that he had to prove that he was the best choice. He didn’t want people to think he played that role because of his father.

Flenory Jr. has won a network executive alongside show writer and executive producer Randy Huggins. RandyHuggins was originally Flenory Jr. Played another role. After reading chemistry between Frenory Jr. and Da Vinci, his mind changed.

“When I first saw his tape, I thought he was good, but what about Reed?” Said Huggins, a producer and writer for “Power” and “Criminal Minds.” “When I saw two of these brothers reading chemistry, I told myself,’I have Meech and Terry.’ That changed my game.”

Norrie Jr. said his dad called him every night. It gave him the opportunity to learn more about him and complete his portrayal. He said those daily conversations strengthened their bond.

“He wasn’t just an ordinary man,” he said. “He wanted to see everyone look the same as himself. We wanted to see everything look good. Even those who didn’t really know him, he wanted to see their I created an opportunity for. I want people to understand him as a person and see not only what they are listening to, but who my family really is. “

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The “BMF” series explores the climbing of the 80’s drug trafficking organization “Big Meet” | Entertainment

Source link The “BMF” series explores the climbing of the 80’s drug trafficking organization “Big Meet” | Entertainment

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