The best films about gambling

The audience is always attracted in films new no deposit casino uk 2021 by unexpected plot twists, fast chase, sleight of hand and unusual editing techniques (if they are correctly executed).
The article contains the most fascinating, unusual in its own way, and sometimes even intellectual films about scammers, ingenious robberies and cunning gambling lovers.


Chris is a once-promising high school athlete whose life was turned upside down after a tragic accident. Trying to lead a normal life, he gets a job as a janitor at a bank, where he eventually finds himself involved in a planned robbery.

The Fatal Eight

John lost all his savings. It is located in the desert next to a diner. At this moment, Sydney appears, buys him a coffee and takes him to Reno to show him how to get a room without losing money. Under the patronage of Sydney, John becomes a successful professional gambler. Together they began to earn good money in casino like www newonline-casinos.co.uk. Everything would be fine, but John meets Clementine, a cocktail waitress who sometimes works as a prostitute.

Not caught – not a thief

A meticulous detective, a cunning bank robber, and a broker enter into a difficult game with high stakes after a brilliant robbery turns out to be not a robbery at all, because from the very beginning the detective understands that the criminal planned to take a hostage.
But all of these films are not perfect: the good guys are a little bad, and the bad guys may not be so bad after all. The film is replete with unexpected plot twists, and Spike Lee’s style and his love for the New York landscape add charm to the tape, which makes it look in one breath.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

An unusual journalist and his psychopathic lawyer go to Las Vegas to commit a series of psychedelic tricks.
A big-screen version of Hunter S. Thompson’s psychedelic classic about a trip to Western America. A journalist and his lawyer from Samoa are desperately looking for the “American dream” … they are largely helped by the huge amount of drugs and alcohol that are stored in their Red Shark convertible.

The best offer

The film tells about Virgil Oldman, who lives like a fish in water in the world of auctions, elite art and antiques. He is lonely and no longer young, but he is very respected and known all over the world.
One day, he is hired by a mysterious lonely young heiress, Claire Ibbetson, who asks Virgil to put up for auction a large collection of art and antiques that her parents left her. But for some unknown reason, Claire refuses to meet Virgil in person.
At the same time, a guy named Robert helps Oldman restore a strange figure by collecting a lot of mechanical parts that he found among Claire’s things. Robert also helps the old man find the key to the heart of the mysterious Claire.


Based on a true story, this picture will tell about the largest fraudulent operation in history, organized by the Nazis in 1936.
The largest counterfeiter of Jewish origin named Solomon is arrested red-handed, and he becomes a prisoner of a concentration camp. To survive, he begins to draw pictures illustrating fascist propaganda.
Later, he ends up in a closed camp called Sachsenhausen. It was there that, on Hitler’s orders, they decided to assemble a secret group of counterfeiters, consisting exclusively of prisoners. They are ordered to print fake dollars, as well as sterling pounds, in order to significantly hit the economy of enemy countries. The main character faces a choice: death or work for the fascists.

Rock and roll artist

Lenny Cole, the boss of the London mafia, interferes in all local real estate transactions. For a considerable percentage, he helps Yuri Omovich, a Russian businessman, and as a sign of goodwill, he lends Cole a very valuable painting for him, which someone steals from Cole’s wall.
While Cole’s men, led by Archie’s boss’s right-hand man, are looking for the canvas, three local petty criminals decide to steal money from a Russian businessman. To do this, they use his accountant, the beautiful Stella, who helps them for the sake of a large reward. Meanwhile, it is reported that local rocker Johnny Quid has drowned, and his connection with Cole is the key to uncovering deception and betrayal in the life of the London underworld.

Nine Queens

One early morning, Marcos notices how Juan successfully turns the account changes at the checkout, but who gets caught on the same trick on the next account. At this point, Marcos decides to pretend to be a policeman and pulls Juan out of the store.
Once on the street, Marcos becomes a crook who does not pay attention to small things, but plays big. He offers Juan to become his partner.
They learn about a scheme that seems incredible: an old conman hires them to sell a fake set of extremely valuable rare stamps “Nine Queens”. But not everything is so simple, and not everyone should be trusted.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The film is based on real events with the participation of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker from Long Island, who managed to serve 22 months in prison for deceiving investors in a very large securities scam that occurred in the 1990s.
The plot of the film takes place in 1987, when Jordan Belfort begins working as a broker in an investment bank. However, when the bank closes due to the unexpected collapse of the Dow Jones index, he gets a job in a small office dealing with small stocks.
Thanks to his perseverance, charisma and communication skills, he quickly begins to bear fruit. Belfort quickly finds a common language with his housemate Donnie, and together they open their own company. They begin to get rich quickly and burn out their lives, until, finally, the FBI becomes interested in them.

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