The battle with the FTC of the Chamber of Commerce gets hot

With the help of Eric Geller, Leah Nylen, Melissa Heikkilä and John Hendel

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— MT scoop: The FTC has rejected almost all requests for public records from the American Chamber of Commerce. Currently, the largest business lobby in the United States is considering a proceeding.

— Ask for a feedback: Facebook’s supervisory board wants the public to consider a platform content moderation system that gives special treatment to high-profile users.

— Raise the ante: Facebook is the latest leading technology platform for enhancing the requirements for two-factor authentication.

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MT limited: Conflict room — — The FTC counterattacked the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and rejected 35 of the 37 public record requests submitted by the lobbying group on FTC’s voting rules, policy statements, and plans to fine companies that violated the law. .. The Chamber of Commerce shook before Thanksgiving and accused the agency of being “illegal” in its actions.

— The rationale: In a previously unreported refusal, FTC argued that the amount of requests creates “unreasonable difficulty for the agency to process.” Authorities said documents had already been published for two other requests, including the FTC’s voting process.

The last part is true. FTC at 10 pm on the day the Chamber of Commerce submitted the request Released two documents related to voting rules: Page 12 of the Internal Procedures Manual, which explains how committee voting works, and the 1984 policy on voting by resigned members. (rear There was a long tweet thread What happened to that policy? )

The Chamber of Commerce is still deciding how to respond to the FTC’s refusal. Spokesman Tim Doyle told MT. “Our denial by the agency [requests]Within 48 hours, it will be questioned whether FTC actually reviewed each submission, “he said. Under the law, the group has 90 days to appeal to the agency or file a proceeding.National Archives of Japan There are programs to help mediate disputes Related to the request.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce submitted three new record requests Thursday night for the FTC’s complete internal procedure manual and records related to the vote of former FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra.

-related news: Republican Senator Group Jerry Moran Proposing to ban voting by the departing FTC Commissioner in Kansas, Leah scooped on Thursday.. The bill dates back to early 2021 and invalidates the rest of Chopra’s votes. (For more information on the backlash against these “zombie” votes, read below. The story of Leah who started this whole story.. ) Over 20 leaders of a conservative devoted group I wrote a letter to lawmakers and FTC inspectors on Thursday, “Investigating both this practice and the lack of transparency of the Commission”.

The supervisory board wants you — The Supervisory Board, which oversees Facebook and Instagram content decisions and policies, Public comment period has started As part of a review of Facebook’s “cross-check” system.

— What you are looking for: The Board said whether such a system is needed, how it affects freedom of speech and the protection of other human rights, and for Meta to improve the system, especially for those who have not posted. In English stating that I would like to hear the public’s thoughts on topics such as what can be done. The deadline for comments is January 14th.

-Flashback: board Announced in October Accepting requests from Meta, which owns the two platforms, and issuing a policy advisory opinion on the cross-check system and how it can be improved. The system was fired by The Wall Street Journal earlier this year. Announced a story about it Based on a document leaked from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen.

In a statement in October, the board accused Facebook of not being “fully announced in a cross-check.” The board also accused the company of not mentioning the system when it first referred to the board for a decision on whether to support the ban from former President Donald Trump’s platform. “In some cases Facebook was unable to provide relevant information to the board, and in other cases the information provided was incomplete,” the board wrote.

“I know the system isn’t perfect.” Global Affairs Meta Vice President Nick Clegg I wrote in my blog post in September.. “We have new teams and resources, Continues to improve.. But more is needed. The Supervisory Board’s recommendations will be a big part of this ongoing work. “

It’s for yourself — Technology companies are proactive in protecting users even if they don’t want to protect themselves.Thursday’s meta became the latest example of this trend when it was announced that it would be. To use two-factor authentication, you need a high-risk Facebook account, Security experts praise it as the only best way to protect yourself from hackers.

Facebook is building that protection program, It provides enhanced security support to users who are likely to be targeted by national hackers, such as journalists and government officials. Soon, Facebook will need more users to enable two-factor authentication. “We believe this is an important step forward for these targeted communities,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s Head of Security Policy, in a blog post.

Facebook’s move could significantly reduce the effectiveness of cyber-spy campaigns targeting dissidents, reporters, and others that cause repressive government anger.Last year, Facebook Disclosure and confusion Many such campaigns, Which Linking To government-sponsored hackers.. Social networks can trigger cyberattacks by allowing hackers to establish relationships with victims and entice them to download malware through profiles they believe they can trust.

— Not just one: Google also recently announced that it will start Automatically enable two-factor authentication for users.. “By the end of 2021, Google security officials wrote in October:” We plan to auto-register an additional 150 million Google users. [two-factor authentication] You need 2 million YouTube creators to turn it on. “

So far, Facebook’s two-element push seems to work. “In early testing, by simplifying the registration flow, improving customer support, and mandating Facebook Protect, these users were hired more than 90% in a month,” Gleicher wrote.

Timnit Gebru’s new gig— Former Google AI Ethics Officer has set up its own independent laboratory called the Distributed AI Research Institute. The institute investigates the often disproportionately detrimental effects of technology on groups left out of society. At the 100 Women in AI Ethics event on Thursday, Gebru said the institute is called “distributed” because researchers don’t have to leave the community to work there and give people from the north and south the opportunity to participate. rice field.

— Power to people: Gebru told the European Parliament earlier this week that the way to curb harmful AI is to empower workers and change the incentive structure for AI research. With DAIR, “movement speed is significantly reduced,” Gebru said. “We’re going to do much less work … and that will require us more resources to do each.”

Today: A court hearing a dispute over a SpaceX broadband program — DC Circuit Court of Appeals Listen to oral arguments today that’s all FCC April decision To have SpaceX coordinate satellite broadband plans. It is part of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk’s Starlink initiative, which aims to extend internet connectivity using thousands of low-Earth orbit satellites. (The FCC’s orders allow these satellites to operate lower than originally expected.)

— Slander: Satellite companies DISH Network and Viasat have sought to stop the authorities’ decision by suing the FCC because of potential interference with other space-based operations and concerns about inadequate environmental reviews. The FCC countered these critics Long September filingCalling this decision “reasonable,” he said, “it will benefit the public interest by improving broadband access in poorly serviced areas and reducing the potential for space debris generation.” .. On the other hand, DISH says, “Demonstration exhibitionWhen I make that claim, I’m ready to announce it today.

court Was denying Challenger’s request Keep the decision in August.

Head to the floor — Senate leader Chuck Schumer On Thursday evening, he submitted a cloture on FCC Chair Jessica Rosenwessel’s nomination for another term. Preliminary voting is scheduled for Monday and final voting may take place on Tuesday.Voting for her nomination at the Senate Commerce Hearing on Wednesday Was widely bipartisan, This is a precursor to her support on the floor.

manager Mike Carrie (R-Ohio) is a member of the House Scientific Committee. The former coal lobbyist was elected to parliament in a special election last month.

“Magic dirt”: “How the Internet fueled and defeated the strangest company in the pandemic.” Via NBC..

Look at what you say: Amazon’s antitrust training warns staff not to call the company a “platform.” More from insiders..

ICYMI: President Joe Biden will promote trade restrictions on the state-of-the-art technology used by authoritarian governments to commit human rights abuses. Reported by Steven Overly of POLITICO..

Creating a fix: Meta has worked with a nonprofit organization in the United Kingdom to build a tool to stop the epidemic of “revenge porn”. NBC has more..

update: “Disclosure of information manipulation linked to deleted state” Via Twitter’s safety team.. (Details of these efforts In this tweet thread.. )

Measurement: Information Technology Industry Council Recommendations provided Including giving the State Telecommunications Information Management Authority the flexibility of which technology to spend money on how to implement the broadband fund included in the Infrastructure Act.

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The battle with the FTC of the Chamber of Commerce gets hot

Source link The battle with the FTC of the Chamber of Commerce gets hot

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