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Las Vegas (AP) — Paolo Banchero performed a lot of Orlando Magic in two Summer League contests.

And Magic decided that was enough.

After averaging 20 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds in two games in Las Vegas, he was ranked number one. Magic has made a decision to evaluate other players with us this summer and see who deserves a roster spot or G League opportunity.

“I want to give these other people the opportunity to play and show them what they can do,” said Magic coach Jamal Mosley. “That’s the point of the Summer League. Give them a chance … give these other guys a chance to see what they can do. And see what Paolo can do. I came. “

Magic is also expected to turn off the rest of the summer league to Admiral Schofield and RJ Hampton. This gives players a chance in Las Vegas.

Mosley said Banchero got everything he needed from his summer experience.

“His understanding of what he needs to do in a particular situation, the concepts we are preaching aggressively and defensively, he knows them,” Mosley said. .. “Watching movies together, he’s observing them. He explains to me what he sees on the floor. There are only two games, but you watch those movie sessions. And you’ll notice how he’s registering everything. By doing so, you can determine that it’s time for others to give you that moment. “

Referee RJ

Richard Jefferson was asked for 2,637 fouls in his playing career, along with 45 technicals. He fouled in 14 games. He was sent off twice.

He always thought the referee wasn’t doing an easy job.

He is now convinced they will not.

Jefferson, who has played for the NBA for 17 seasons and is currently working as an ESPN analyst, made his official debut in the Summer League on Monday night. He worked in the second quarter of the game between New York and Portland.

“I didn’t want to do this,” Jefferson said. “The NBA asked me if I was interested. I have a lot of respect for the referees, how important they are to the game, and I have always treated each and every referee that way. I respect them because they know their importance to our game and the integrity of our game. “

This was not an honorary mission. The NBA has Jefferson working in preparation.

He was taught for hours in this 10-minute gig and studied video with other referees and NBA executives. He is learning the terms used by the referee and the responsibilities associated with working in each of the referee’s three positions.

Jefferson said he was confident that this experience would make him a better analyst.

“It’s great because I love basketball games,” Jefferson said. “I like talking about basketball games, so now I have the opportunity to learn a whole new game. It’s a basketball addict sitting there, how the referee thinks, how to talk, and how. It’s like my dream of acting and seeing how to work together as a team. That kind of thing is very beneficial to me. “

Board of directors

The NBA’s board of directors expects to meet on Tuesday to finalize a change in the way the transition takes fouls. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said last month Rule changes are approaching, and in a summer league match, the penalty for such a foul is a single free throw, which can be attempted by any player on the offending team currently in the match. .. ..

Also, Tuesday’s agenda is to maintain the play-in tournament, which has generally been considered successful.


San Antonio guard Joshua Primo has entered the NBA’s Health and Safety Protocol and has been excluded from the Spurs’ match against Houston on Monday.

Primo can miss the rest of the summer league.

Tie breaker

Without the Summer League playoffs, there’s almost certainly a tiebreaker needed to decide which team will be in the Sunday Championship Game in Las Vegas.

If there are two teams of ties, the order of the tie breakers will be a direct result, followed by a point difference and a coin toss. For ties involving three or more teams, the first criterion is the point difference, followed by a coin toss.

All 30 teams will play 4 games by Friday and everyone will win the 5th and final game on Saturday and Sunday. However, there are no tournaments other than the championship game.

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The Bancello Summer League is over.Jefferson grabs the whistle | Sports

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