The 5-year-old murder remains a mystery 75 years later. A prisoner charged with murder for the death of Selmate.Eagles rock the NFL draft

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Delaware County Prison at Concord.

Prisoner charged with murder for Selmate’s death in Delaware County Prison

Last week, another prisoner was accused of being strangled and murdered against a prisoner at George W. Hill Prison. Bridgeport’s Shad Murray Boccella, 25, was charged with one and three murders after the death of 54-year-old Elliott Funkhouser on April 22 in a cell at a facility located 500 blocks on Chainy Road. Was charged with. Affidavit of probable cause written by county detective Andrew McFarland.

Let go of the unsolved murder of a child 75 years later

This May 10th marks the 75th anniversary of the brutal murder rape of 5-year-old Carol Antompson. There is really no way to sugar coat a vicious and officially unresolved crime committed in central Montgomery County. Victims are very likely to be 80 years old today, and baking cookies with their grandchildren or playing mahjong with their friends has the effect of cooling the bones, given what happened.

Wolfin Reading to drive plans to send $ 2,000 to some Pennsylvanians

What does the additional $ 2,000 do? Mayra Del Toro will use it to repair her home. The old building needed some refurbishment that she couldn’t afford. Narayana Linhares needs it to help pay for childcare so that she can continue to take classes at Reading Area Community College in order to become a social worker. Governor Tom Wolfe said he was standing in the Salvation Army gymnasium Thursday afternoon, saying there are thousands of people in Pennsylvania, like Del Toro and Linhalles. People who have struggled a bit over the last two years and have fallen into financial crisis because of the COVID pandemic.

A man in Norristown acknowledges his role in a crash that killed a pedestrian

A Norristown man admitted that he was driving a vehicle without a proper license when he beat a 67-year-old Vietnamese veteran pedestrian on a street in the autonomous region. Nemia Speles Severiano, 33, 200 blocks on East Main Street, was licensed in the Montgomery County Courthouse on November 10, 2019 at 6:24 pm in connection with a pedestrian crash. Despite not, he was found guilty of a serious accident involving death or injury. It killed Samuel W. Jackson in Norristown.

Although rare, it snowed in April in this area.

So far this month, the region has far exceeded the average rainfall in April. With the addition of the rare spring Nor’easter last week, the region is well above average rainfall in April of this year. A large storm system caused more than two inches of rain throughout the three county areas, but the amount was locally high. In addition to the continuous system at the beginning of the month and the heavy thunderstorms last week, this has caused Pottstown to rain 4.69 inches so far.


Joel Embiid, 21, of the Philadelphia 76ers Center, will not get in the way of driving the Toronto Raptors in the second half of Game 6 of the NBA Basketball First Round Playoffs Series in Toronto on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Extrude like. (Canadian Press via Frank Gun / AP)

The Sixers surpass the Dock Rivers’ spoken goals in the Raptors explosion in Game 6 and make it easier in the second round.

The number Dock Rivers told his team on Thursday night was 120. If his 76ers could reach 120 points, the coach reasoned, they would enter the second round. That level of scoring, combined with something similar to a competent defense from the 76ers, is too much for the Toronto team, one of the top scorers, to overcome. The 76ers got there with plenty of time. And defense did the job and then did some. As a result of hitting one magic number with a 132-97 victory in Game 6, 76ers have reached another magic number. The fourth win in the playoff series may not look as volatile as it feels at the moment, in retrospect.

The Eagles trade in the NFL Draft to win Runstop Jordan Davis, Star Receiver AJ Brown

Just as the first round of the NFL draft seemed to move away from them, the Eagles made some amazing, show-stopping trades on Thursday. General Manager Howie Roseman and his staff officially made their first move at 9:35 pm, 90 minutes after the draft began in Las Vegas. The Eagles handed out four picks to the Houston Texans, including a selection of the first round, and two spots for defensive tackle Jordan Davis (6-6, 341 pounds runstop, national champion pocket tow truck). I moved up to 13th place. Georgia. The tycoon already knew he was popular after visiting the Novacare Complex.

Phillies Notebook: Zack Wheeler warms up when Phillies wins four straight games

Worried when Zack Wheeler skips the season opening series against Auckland A due to some pain, pain and unprepared results for prime time when the season starts a few days late on April 12th. It was rare. Lockout shortened spring training. Therefore, Wheeler lasted only 4.2 innings on his first start, but he was confident that he had only an unfortunate home run and one other hit before the run that Mets couldn’t get until that day. Allowed.

The 5-year-old murder remains a mystery 75 years later. A prisoner charged with murder for the death of Selmate.Eagles rock the NFL draft

Source link The 5-year-old murder remains a mystery 75 years later. A prisoner charged with murder for the death of Selmate.Eagles rock the NFL draft

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