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Howie Mandel, a comedian and judge of “America’s Got Talent,” was taken to the hospital after being dehydrated after undergoing routine medical procedures. Also, Katey Sagal, a staple player in many TV series, has brushed his car. Hospitalized while crossing LA street.

Both stars are reportedly in good shape. No interruptions in their performance schedule have been announced.

Mandel will make a local appearance at Parx Casino on Street Road in Bensalem at 8 pm on December 4th. He can also be seen on CW (Channel 57) on October 18th at 8 pm in the special comedy program “Howie Mandel and Friends: Don’t Sneezeon Me”.

Mandel is known to be an avid addict who does not like to touch or get too close to a person without sneezing. I thought about it when I heard he was stretched to a public bench after he fainted.

Katey Sagal will be attending a “shameless” FYC event at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 6, 2019. (Photo by Richard Shotwell / Invision / AP)

Sagar, who became famous as Peggy Bandy in “Married … with Children,” played Jema in “Sons of Anarchy,” and is currently in “The Conners,” will return to the series in which she plays her girlfriend Louise. .. Don’t miss the episode, let’s be the wife of John Goodman’s Dan Conner.

Dan and Louise got married last week at a busy ceremony that included a missing bride, tornado, and absent preacher, played by Dan’s sister-in-law (Rosanne’s sister), Jackie, and Laurie Metcalf, and set on the Internet. Chair.

“Dune” hits HBO Max

Released by Warner Bros. Pictures, this image shows executive producer Tanya Lapointe and director Dennis Villeneuve appearing on the “Dune” set. (Chia Bella James / Warner Bros. via AP)

One of the films touted as a candidate for the 2021 Academy Award for Best Picture is a remake of Dennis Villeneuve from “Dune,” which debuts in theaters on Friday. Before that, it will be screened on Thursday at 6 pm on HBO Max.

“Dune” has been a classic since it was published in 1965. Frank Herbert’s novel depicts an interplanetary world of feudal nature and full of family-dominated territories. The focus person is Paul Atreides, whose family is responsible for a planet called Arakis, except that it is the only source of the long-awaited substance called melange needed to extend life and navigate space. Would be useless.

The 1984 film version by David Lynch proved to be more profound, with an emphasis on scene decoration and philosophy, rather than the story of Herbert, who has been selling for 56 years since its writing.

Timothée Chalamet appears as Atreides in the 2021 edition of Villeneuve. Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Zendaya, Charlotte Rampling and Jason Momoa also appear.

Also noteworthy this week is the 11th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which begins at 10:40 pm on Sunday at HBO.

Joining Reed’s Larry David in this year’s episode are Tracey Ullman, Woody Harrelson, Jon Hamm, Kaley Cuoco, Bill Hader, Albert Brooks and Patton Oswalt.

“The Voice” will do that again

Participant quality is one of the reasons for dating to watch “The Voice” on NBC (Channel 10) every Monday and Tuesday. In most cases, you can skip the biplay between judges and move away from the biopackage between performances. Unless the candidate is from Philadelphia, I enjoy listening to songs attended by talented, yet unknown singers every week.

On two different nights.

“The Voice” is a contest in which all judges participate with the captain and coach of the team. Choose 10 generally amateur warbler stables, grow them, promote noticeable weekly improvements, and surrender one singer at a time, one singer compared to another.

Some of the options forced by the judges this season, such as Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Ariana Grande, are heartbreaking. Last week we had to eliminate all four praised candidates. John Legend saved one of the singers he gave up when the opportunity came. He had to compete with Clarkson and Grande to do that. Others who were considered too talented to be fired were alleged by another judge in an act called “stealing.”

Being a hopeful candidate, of course, saves and steals are heartwarming. After all, they were chosen by the coach in the first place. – Very interesting and has a lot to give.

In addition to coaches, competitors who compete directly in what “The Voice” calls a “battle round” were advised by guest coaches such as Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth and country artist Dierks Bentley. ..

Competition is interesting and once you become a fan, it becomes important to you.

Shelton, Clarkson, Legend, and Grande choose the winners, reluctantly let go of the run, and the subsequent purge of the contestants is decided by the votes of the spectators, so I prefer the “battle round” to the later exclusion mechanism.

I may be the last opponent of interactive television and viewer participation. Judges make tough choices based on technical skills, improvements, and, frankly, the probability that someone on the team will be able to overcome all exclusions and win. Audiences reduce the fairness of the show by turning “The Voice” into a popular contest and letting non-experts decide the fate of entertainers who may have talents who don’t know how to rate it. Hometown, appearance, charisma, and prejudice against certain types of music are factors that can distort competition in the wrong direction.

Perhaps they bring democracy to the agenda because they are a group that buys show tickets and recordings in favor of the audience. As a pay for performance, I don’t trust mass voting.

Return to the singer. Last week, individual scope, personal strength, sound storytelling, and thrilling tight harmony recommended stardom to each candidate. I don’t think the judges will remember such a difficult season or immediate challenges. Maybe two out of the 20 who sang deserved to be sent home after the first week.

Another 20 will compete tonight and tomorrow at 8 pm. The outlook is exciting because we know who will play it. You can already see matches that may seem light when comparing last week’s difficulty levels.

For those who have never seen “The Voice,” two singers from the same team will perform a duet of songs chosen by their coaches in “The Battle Round.” Exercise connects pairs and drives them to find ways to highlight and demonstrate some of the new technical skills that helped coaches achieve them.

clock. Look at the people you might choose. Or suffer with the judge as they choose.

You know. You participate in the game, but more importantly, enjoy the raw talent looking for a natural perception.

From “Hamilton” to TV

When Tour Productions come to town, I always look for a TV tie in case one of the performers may have an interesting interview in a series or upcoming eight-part series.

The cast of “Hamilton” arrived at the Music Academy and presented a challenge.

Everyone in the company has an important theatrical achievement, but Talea Campbell, who plays the ball bell, and Angelica Schuyler, Hamilton’s sister-in-law, were great at making the “Sister Act” tour a few seasons ago. It was. – Television work mainly includes guest spots.

Warren Egypt Franklin plays the dual role of Marquis Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson. Franklin of Egypt has just joined the regular cast of freeform and full “Grown-ish”. This is a spin-off of Zoe, the oldest “blackish” daughter played by Yara Shahidi in college. He plays the truck star Death returning to campus during Zoe’s important fourth grade. (For the record, “Grown-ish” is the only one in my favorite “ish” series. The comedy is more contextual and less compulsory.)

Both Pierre Jean Gonzalez, who plays Alexander Hamilton, and Marcus Choi, who plays George Washington, are important, including appearances such as “Gossam,” “NCIS: New Orleans (I remember him),” and “Pose” (Gonzalez). I have a lot of guest credits) and “Hometown” and “Chicago PD” (Choi).

Gonzales also participated in and won the acting competition “Ya Tu Sabes” (“You Know”) at one of NBC’s Spanish broadcasters. The contest was sponsored by the Latin art advocacy group Nosotros. Gonzales won the highest honor in the “Monologue” category by playing his original work “Brown Billiards”. The judges for “YaTu Sabes” included Oscar candidate Adriana Barraza (“Babel”, 2006).

Neil Haskel, who plays King George III, was seen in “Station 19,” “Glee,” and “So I think you can dance.”

The Tony Award-winning musical “Hamilton” by Lin-Manuel Miranda will be held at the Philadelphia Music Academy from Wednesday to Sunday, November 28th.

Try “Drew”

One of my unexpected derivatives that generally called daytime television worthless is two friends to watch more of Drew Barrymore’s syndicated show on Channel 3 at 9am on weekdays. It was a promise to.

Apparently, I’m with two Ballymore fans. Both think she is “sweet” and disagree with my preference for Kelly Lipa seen at 9am on weekdays. (I think she is smart and fast.)

“Drew” sampling starts today. Like Kelly, “OK, but nothing special”, a test to see if you move to the people who watch the show on a regular basis.

My usual 9am default is the first 10 minutes of “Good Day Philadelphia” on channel 29, Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin on “Today” (channel 10), or Raymond Burr’s “Perry Mason” rerun on MeTV in Wilmington. It is a broadcast.

Neal Zoren’s TV column is displayed every Monday.

Thankfully, Mandel and Sagar will return to work after a health problem – thereporteronline

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