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Texas ban on most abortions returns to court as law remains | National

Austin, Texas (AP) — The Texas Apocalypse Clinic returned to court on Friday, and after last month’s US Supreme Court, efforts to thwart the most restrictive abortion law in the United States have diminished. Allowed the state to ban procedures almost entirely..

It left only a narrow question to the New Orleans 5th US Court of Appeals, whether to send a more restrictive appeal back to a federal judge in Austin who had already blocked the restrictions, or to the Texas Supreme Court. After an hour of discussion, there was no immediate decision. Clinics claim that procedural battles only ensure that restrictions remain valid for longer.

The Supreme Court signaled in another case from Mississippi last month. Rolling back the right to abortion, And perhaps a decision expected later this year, could overturn that groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision.

“What happens? Is this case alive or dead?” Judge Edith Jones asked about the Texas proceedings.

A lawyer for an abortion provider in Texas called on the court to take immediate action.

A law banning abortion in Texas after cardiac activity is detected — usually about 6 weeks, Before knowing that some women are pregnant — Effective from September. since then, According to doctors, it provides about one-third of the normal number of patients., Abortion clinics in neighboring states are stagnant with women traveling from Texas.

The Supreme Court allowed the Texas clinic proceedings against the ban, but five conservative judges made up the majority, limiting who could sue the Texas license authorities.

Both sides said it would probably prevent federal courts from effectively blocking the law. It proved to be permanent due to its novel plan of entrusting execution only to private proceedings against clinics or those who help patients get an abortion.

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Texas ban on most abortions returns to court as law remains | National

Source link Texas ban on most abortions returns to court as law remains | National

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