Tennessee women are back in the top ten. SC is still number one

Tennessee has returned to the Associated Press’s Top 25 Women’s Basketball Voting Top 10 for the first time in almost three years.

Lady Vols, who climbed 2nd to 9th on Monday, hasn’t been in the top 10 since December 31, 2018.

Tennessee has set the standard for polls for many years, appearing in the first 10 spots for 212 consecutive weeks from March 10, 1997 to December 18, 2008. Husky in 3rd place has been ranked in the top 10 for 312 consecutive times this week.

South Carolina unanimously maintained first place, winning all 30 votes from the National Media Panel. North Carolina State University is second and has cut off its relationship with UConn. Stanford and Baylor closed the top five.

Duke, LSU, and Colorado have all returned to the rankings this week for the first time in years. Blue Devils upset at the time-No. 9 Big Ten / ACC Challenge Iowa participated in 19th place. It will make its debut in the Top 25 under the direction of Kara Lawson, who took over the program last season.

The last Blue Devils ranked on November 1, 2018 is 8-0 this season. Duke played only four games last year before canceling the rest of the season due to concerns about COVID-19.

LSU (6-1) entered at number 24-after breaking that time-No. 14 Iowa last week. This is the first time the Tigers have been in the Top 25 under new coach Kim Mulkey, who won three NCAA titles at Baylor before returning home. The Tigers were last ranked on December 2, 2019.

“It’s positive and shows these young players.’Hey, we’re heading in the right direction,'” said Marquee. “We celebrate the little things. Celebrate today. . Show you.”

Colorado (8-0) is 25th in the first vote since December 26, 2016.

“That means everything,” said Buffalo coach JR Payne, who will be ranked. “We are excited to be here and want to keep climbing.”

Oregon has dropped out of the polls and has finished 80 consecutive weeks of voting, which dates back to the 2017 pre-season polls. This was the sixth longest active continuous record. Florida and the Gulf of Florida have also fallen.

Go to streaking

Tennessee’s Top 10 long run goes back even further if it doesn’t finish 11th in the final vote of the 1997 season. Prior to that, Lady Vols was in the top 10 every week since the final vote of the 1986 season.

Climb the cougar

BYU, who participated in the poll last week, jumped from 5th to 16th. This is the highest ranking ever for a school. BYU will be tested in Oklahoma on Friday.

This week’s statistics

Before Duke beat Iowa, the top 10 teams were 47-0 against unranked opponents. … Aryor Boston beat North Carolina A & T and Kansas State, scoring 22 of the 24 shots from the field this week, averaging 25 points, 15.5 rebounds and 3.5 blocks.

This week’s game

Sunday, South Carolina’s No. 1 No. 8 Maryland. Terrapins will be the latest challenge for Gamecock, who has already beaten the top five teams at North Carolina State University and the University of Connecticut this season. Maryland defeated Miami and Rutgers after two defeats in the Bahamas and rebounded to North Carolina State University and Stanford University.

Tennessee women are back in the top ten. SC is still number one

Source link Tennessee women are back in the top ten. SC is still number one

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