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Teamsters aims to step up efforts to integrate Amazon workers | Business

New York (AP) — International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a union representing 1.4 million workers, is looking to Amazon.

On Thursday, we’ll vote on whether organizing Amazon workers is a top priority. Teamsters accuses the second largest private employer in the United States of exploiting employees by paying low wages, encouraging them to work faster, and not providing employment security.

“There aren’t as clear examples of how America is failing the working class as Amazon,” says a resolution voted by representatives of the 500 Teamsters regional unions on Thursday.

The resolution is expected to be approved, and Team Star is working to consolidate Amazon workers, support them, and establish a department to “protect industry standards from existing threats that are Amazon.” Can be “fully funded and supported”. He didn’t say how much money he would spend on the effort.

Attempts to integrate Amazon can be a daunting battle. Nothing in the company’s 26-year history has been successful, including the latest in an overwhelmingly worker-rich warehouse in Alabama. Voted against Join the union.

However, Team Stars said it would try another strategy. Amazon’s Team Stars National Director, Randy Cogan, Written at the salon Earlier this month, companies like Amazon have the funds and legal resources to crush those efforts internally, so consolidating one facility at a time will not work. Instead, Cogan wrote that organizing Amazon workers would result in “field combat,” such as strikes in warehouses and streets.

Amazon did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

The online shopping giant opposed union activity in a warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. Amazon has paid workers at least $ 15 an hour, claiming it has already provided the benefits the union wants. According to a worker who testified at a Senate hearing, it put up anti-union signs throughout the warehouse, including inside the stalls of the toilet, and forced a meeting to convince the workers why the union was a bad idea. Opened.

When votes were counted in April, nearly 71% of the more than 2,500 valid votes counted rejected the union.

The organization at Bessemer was led by a New York-based coalition of retail, wholesale and department stores representing 100,000 workers in a poultry factory. Cereal and soda bottling facility. Retailers such as Macy’s and H & M.

Team Stars are much bigger. Unions have existed since the goods were delivered by carriage in the early 1900s. It currently represents 1.4 million truck drivers, UPS employees, and other types of workers, including nurses and warehouse mechanics.

“They are strong and successful unions,” said Alex Corbin, Dean of the Faculty of Labor Relations at Cornell University, adding that Amazon workers reflect the types of members they already represent. .. “They are the terrifying enemies that Amazon faces.”

Teamsters is targeted at Amazon’s fast-growing delivery network workers, including drivers and warehouse workers who pack and ship orders. For the past few years, Seattle-based Amazon has been working to deliver most of the package itself and reduce its reliance on UPS, the United States Postal Service, and other carriers.

A program to build several luggage sorting hubs at the airport, open a warehouse near where shoppers live, and allow contractors to start the business of delivering luggage in vans engraved with the Amazon logo. have started. In January, we purchased 11 jets that we plan to use to deliver orders to shoppers faster.

Teamsters said in a resolution that Amazon’s delivery network could quickly become the dominant force in the logistics industry, and how workers were treated could threaten the work standards set by UPS and other parcels, freight and delivery companies. He said he had sex. ..


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This story has been updated to clarify that not all 1.4 million Team Stars members are delivery personnel.

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Teamsters aims to step up efforts to integrate Amazon workers | Business

Source link Teamsters aims to step up efforts to integrate Amazon workers | Business

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