Team chases playoff berth in the last few weeks | Sports

With the eighth week of the season here, most Heritage Conference teams can rest assured that they will continue to play once the playoffs in District 6 begin. It’s a matter of where everyone fits in the bracket.

However, some teams are at stake. Class 2A Marion Center with 8 teams in the postseason and Class 1A Pensmanner with 12 of the 14 teams in the district moving forward.

Homer Center (6-1) on the purchase line (4-3): The Homer Center won six straight games — its only defeat was brought to Cambria Heights in the season opener — and Wildcats helped sew a buy in the first round with a win, looking for a conference title. You can continue.

There is no doubt that Wildcats are rooting for River Valley to knock off Cambria Heights. If they break the purchase line, they will do the same when the Highlander faces the Red Dragon.

The purchase line lost two games in a row after the start of 4-1 and ended the meeting schedule at Cumbria Heights. The winning pair could vault the dragon into a bye-bye position and proceed 1-1 to start the playoffs at home.

Marion Center (3-4) United (0-7): The Marion Center came in 10th on the weekend — and quite a distance from 9th in Class 2A — and Stinger has plenty of ground to make up for. Even if you win a team that you can’t win, you won’t get much in the power ranking, but if you win two consecutive games after losing four games in a row, your morale will be strange.

United is sometimes competitive, and it’s no surprise that Lions are upset and Stinger’s make it difficult to win. And if they can achieve some victories, they can dive into the playoffs picture.

Northern Cambria (1-6) of Pens Manor (1-6): Pensmanner has to beat two teams to record 15 appearances in District 6. These teams are Blackrick Valley (1-6) and United (0-7), who can win three games on schedule. ), I will play the host role of Pens Manor next week.

Class 2A Northern Cambria sits at the end of the field, and Comet has a post-season berth, but Colts may not.

WEST SHAMOKIN (4-3) of CONEMAUGH VALLEY (3-3): West gamecocks can attack, but wolves struggle to defend. Now they are playing against the team that has won two consecutive games, earning more than 50 points in each win.

West Shamokin is 7th in the Class 1A ranking, Konemau Valley is 9th, and rusher Logan Kent, who has exceeded 1,000 yards in the season, is at the forefront.

Team chases playoff berth in the last few weeks | Sports

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