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Last month, Penridge United Board of Education candidates Dawn Karan, Adrienne King, Jeremiah Link, David O’Donnell and Carolyn Cialino were approved by the Penridge Education Society (PEA). This support was criticized by opponents who hinted that the teacher offered it to win a lucrative contract in two years. This anti-teacher rhetoric is a terrible insult to the talented teachers I entrusted with my child’s education.

The relationship between an educator and a school board involves more than contract negotiations. Teachers are the liaison between elected civil servants and students. They understand how the school board affects the school’s learning environment. The Penridge teachers I know have always acted with professionalism, enthusiasm, and integrity. They are better than being accused of bribery.

Trade union approval is a matter of course, whether it’s labor or police. In 2017, PEA approved several Penridge Board of Education candidates from both parties without pushback. Why now? Opponents of Penridge United, which includes two incumbents on the current board, appear to be causing controversy to divert attention from other very real issues. In particular, our high school rankings plummeted under the current board. According to the US News & World Report, Penridge is currently ranked under all neighborhoods.

I trust teachers and respect their views on this important election. I’m glad they considered the candidates and took a stance. The teachers collectively support Penridge United candidates as the best for Penridge, which is important to me. My family is proud to support Penridge United.

Stephanie Regina
East Rock Hill Township

Teacher approval is good – thereporteronline

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