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Taylor Swift’s stalker has been arrested.

Joshua Christian booked by New York Police Department on Friday (01.07.22) night after police tracked him home after “some” incidents with a “love story” singer and her security team. it was done.

Sources told TMZ that the man appeared uninvited to the 32-year-old star Manhattan’s house at around 10:47 am on June 12, “with the intention of irritating and harassing” Taylor. rice field.

He allegedly used the building’s intercom to rush to Taylor’s apartment and threatened to hurt her if she refused to be with him.

It is believed that it was not the “cardigan” singer who answered the intercom, but her guards who called the police.

On March 26, when Christians were accused of invading another house in the neighborhood at 11:05 am, “staying illegally through an unlocked door,” for a private period, and were asked to leave the country. I ran away from the place on foot. ” Police reported, according to security guards.

Last August, another man, Patrick Nissen, was arrested in the entrance hall of Taylor’s apartment.

He was charged with a second trespass and is believed to have traveled from Nebraska to New York in search of a singer.

Nissen allegedly told police officers on the scene that he was in love with Taylor and posted a photo of her on his Instagram account.

In addition, Hanks Johnson, 52, was arrested in April last year in another incident in the same apartment complex.

Johnson was charged with trespassing a criminal after attempting to move in and was released the day after the hearing.

According to reports at the time, Johnson showed that he would send the message directly to Taylor’s Instagram account outside the court, claiming that his phone proposal for the predicted text was a reply from her.

He also issued a restraint order banning contact with Taylor’s friends, model sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid.

In September 2020, Eric Swabrick was convicted of stalking and was imprisoned for 30 months after sending a threatening letter and email to Big Machine Records, the former label of the “Bad Blood” singer. ..

Another stalker named Roger Alvarado reaches a judicial deal in April 2019 and accepts criminal insults after attempting to break into Taylor’s house and follows a protection order in exchange for two to four years in prison. I agreed.

Taylor has also dealt with stalking in both 2018 and 2017.

Taylor Swift Stalker Arrested | Celebrity

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