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When Tom Brady retired on a long social media post, Leonard Fournette’s running back saw the next route coming: vice versa.

Retired more than a month after the announcement in February, Brady is back in uniform with Fornet and Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a mandatory mini-camp on Tuesday. Fornet said it was like 44-year-old Brady never left.

“He hasn’t lost a step. He’s himself,” Fornet said. “And I’ve only been with him for the last three years, so I don’t want others to be with us. He deserves everything he has and it comes to him And I’m proud of him. “

Brady said last week he felt pressure to decide to come back with free agents and drafts approaching.

Fornet thought Brady would be back after losing to the Los Angeles Rams 30-27 in the final second field goal of the NFC Division Round in January.

“I’d like to say two days after the match, but I knew a little because I said,’T, I can’t go that way,’ and he agreed with me,” he said. “Similarly, we left too many mistakes on the field, confused us and caught up with the whole game, so as a champion, he went out that way for his legacy. I didn’t want to. “

Brady’s return was appealing to fellow Buccaneers free agents, including Fornet, who resigned on a three-year contract.

The reunion with Brady played a role in the team’s latest signature, Defensive Harness Akiem Hicks. Hicks played with New Orleans Saints for more than three seasons before the trade sent him to New England. After playing with the Patriots, Hicks spent six seasons with the Chicago Bears and thought about his retirement at the age of 32.

“I often thought that when I entered the league, Drew Brees and Tom Brady were the first two quarterbacks,” Hicks said on Tuesday. “Then I went to Chicago … it wasn’t Drew Brees and Tom Brady, right? I feel spoiled by having someone on the other side of the ball who can always deliver. And he proved it over the years. “

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Tampa’s teammates expected Tom Brady to be back | National Sports

Source link Tampa’s teammates expected Tom Brady to be back | National Sports

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