Tamar Braxton claims she knows her thief | Celebrity

Tamar Braxton claimed to have been robbed by someone she knew.

The 44-year-old star revealed the news on Instagram on Wednesday (11.17.21), but instead of vowing revenge, he is praying to the suspect.

Tamar wrote on a photo sharing site: “A few hours ago, this broken ass guy (who I know) broke into my house and stole only my safe.”

The Braxtons singer explained that nothing else was taken because she apparently had a message to the criminal.

She said: “I want you to know directly that I’m not angry. You didn’t break me. You didn’t commit me. Your broken a ** is God telling me that house I didn’t realize that he gave everyone. It was during the pandemic, and also when I was all these things. God personally brought back the fragments of my life together again. rice field

“So pumpkin, you didn’t steal from me. What you took, he returns me a million times !!! You took from God !!! (sic)”

She concludes her message with: “Father, go your way – Armen.”

Tamar tried to kill himself last year, but was eventually taken to a hospital in Los Angeles. She later described the incident as the “lowest point” of her life.

When asked if he “drinked a pill” during a suicide attempt during a Tamron Hall show, Tamar said: Family, fans, watching over. I don’t want to give an example. But what I say is that it was the lowest point in my life. “

Tamar Braxton claims she knows her thief | Celebrity

Source link Tamar Braxton claims she knows her thief | Celebrity

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