SWPA Health Center has been providing free care for nearly 30 years | Helping helpers

Mark Hoffman

Connellsville, PA — The Wesley Health Center in Connelsville has been providing free health care to everyone in the room for nearly 30 years.

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The center is the mission of the United Methodist Church of Wesley and was founded in 1993 by Rev. Eugene Ann Kenny and parishioner Dr. J. Miller Oppy. Initially, the center provided free primary health care to individuals and families without health insurance.

After the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Center staff will provide care to anyone, whether or not they are insured, from providing free care to individuals without health insurance. It came to be.

Marilyn Weaver, Executive Director of Wesley Health Center, said: “Anyone who comes in is free.”

According to Weaver, the services offered at the center include primary care, retinal screening and oral care.

The center is run by volunteer labor from doctors to the board, with the exception of two part-time paid employees, and donations from local companies, the Marilyn Kiefer Foundation, Bad Murphy Memorial Golf and other local fundraising events. Operated only by. Go out.

“Keeping the door open is also a small donation,” Weaver said, adding that the waiting room has bottles available that can hold quarters or dollars while visitors and patients are there. rice field. “They feel better, as if they were doing something for care there.”

In addition to donations, Weaver said that the health center also needs word-of-mouth and people know they can help.

Although the center is based in Fayette County, Weaver says he treated patients far away from Somerset and Allegheny counties. Still, she said there were people who lived in Connelsville for the rest of their lives and weren’t the director of the center.

“Listen to the story that the Wesley Health Center exists and is open to everyone and their families,” Weaver said. “It is necessary for us to donate and spread the word.”

According to Weaver, the center is currently vaccinated against the flu. She also noted that the center does not provide drugs or narcotics and does not test for COVID-19.

“We are trying to help people who slip through the cracks,” Weaver said.

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SWPA Health Center has been providing free care for nearly 30 years | Helping helpers

Source link SWPA Health Center has been providing free care for nearly 30 years | Helping helpers

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