Sustainable Fashion Week is coming to Philadelphia

On the second day of the festival, Earth Day (Friday, April 22nd), there will be a designer showcase. Discovery CenterLocated in Fairmount Park near the East Park Reservoir, it features a combination of local and out-of-state designers.

“It’s definitely a designer who uses only sustainable fabrics, or a designer who is completely upcycling, not even new ones,” says Artise. “And there are zero waste designers who might buy a single piece of fabric, but they use every bit of that fabric, so there’s no waste.”

Next, on Saturday, April 23, there will be a talk with Nyambi Naturals at the Discovery Center on seed swaps and plant walks, followed by an afterparty in the evening.

The week ends on Sunday, April 24th, with a clothing change and workshop, also at the Discovery Center.

“you [get to] Look at these amazing fashions that you don’t think are sustainable. But then you get the panels and the swaps, “she said.

Participants in the clothing exchange can bring 5 pieces into the exchange and leave up to 5 pieces. It’s all free. In addition, Artsise says it’s fun, especially for those who haven’t been there before. “It gives consumers other shopping options.”

Anything left will be donated.

In addition to changing clothes, participants can shop from local vendors and participate in repair, upcycling and tie-dye workshops. There you will learn creative ways to repair dirty or perforated clothing or transform existing clothing. To a completely new one. The goal is to extend the life of the garment and make it more wearable for the owner.

“The ideas are endless,” said Artise, who wrote the book. “Born-Again Vintage: 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent, and RecycleYourWardrobe.” All events of the week are low cost or free.If you are interested in enjoying the event, you can sign up at sustainablefashionweek.us..

Sustainable Fashion Week is coming to Philadelphia

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