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Submitted on November 9, 2021

“All trails end with beer” is a growing emotion among outdoor enthusiasts today. Whether you’re riding a long bike, a scenic hike, an exhilarating hike, or enjoying a paddle on the Susquehanna River, get off the trail and gather around delicious local breweries and local grabs. There is nothing better than building friendships with fellow outdoor adventure buddies.

Making a great outdoor day much bigger … and more delicious is just a little incentive.

Fortunately, on land and waterways across the country, we have our “chubby friends” (re) relocate their activities to enjoy the rewards of this symbiotic relationship with local reenactors. I’m watching it.

Reflecting this change, many trails within the Sasukehana Greenway are just steps away from some of Pennsylvania’s top breweries. Check out the list of places below to explore some of the trails in the area that won’t fail to “end with beer”.

Rock Haven

Overlooking the Rock Haven’s Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown Bold Eagle Mountain Trail.. At a distance of 9 miles, it’s one of the most difficult hikes on this list, but the views of the Westbranch Sasquehana River and the iconic rocks are worth the climb.For a more laid-back adventurer, you can also jump Lock Haven Levee Trail 2.25 mile walk along the scenic river or 6.4 miles Bold Eagle Valley Trail..

Following your excursion, reward yourself with something cold at Broken ax brewery Located in downtown Rock Haven. Although they don’t brew themselves, Broken Ax introduces the region’s most local PA beers, with taps spinning daily. Once inside, you can also experience themes linked to the local history of the area as a logging hub.

Pine Creek Rail Trail cyclists

Jersey shore

The Jersey Shore’s Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown marks the end of 62 miles, one of the state’s most popular rail trails. Pine Creek Rail Trail.. This iconic route winds through Tiadaton State Forest and Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, ending on the Jersey Shore along the shores of West Branch.

Stop by after a walk, bike, fish or hike. Bold Bird Brewing Company For downtime after an adventure. Sip a beer in a comfortable industrial hangout and enjoy board games, cornholes and darts, free-play arcade games and a variety of dishes. Ganzei hot sausage..

Riverwalk cyclist

Williamsport Suspension Riverwalk cyclist


Another Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown, Williamsport, serves as a hub for both the trail network and the brewery complex.Whether you explore Montoursville Bikeway, Loyalsock Bikeway, Sasquehana Riverwalk & Timber Trail, Lycoming Creek Bike WayAt Sasquehana State Park, or all five, there’s no end to the day than hitting a local brewery.

There are four breweries in Williamsport. New Trail Brewing Company It offers a cool warehouse atmosphere with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and food trucks, and you can enjoy a delicious bite at the brewery.Or you can “hop” to Bull frog brewery Lots of puns at this cozy frog-themed hangout in downtown Williamsport. Boom City Brewing Company The timber history of the region is told with wood-cut decorations, brews like the “last raft” and delicious food. Riepstein’s Pub & Brewery Shows that there is nothing better than the comfort food of fresh local breweries and traditional pubs that will satisfy your taste buds after a long day outdoors.

Vulture mountain trail

View from the Bold Eagle Mountain Trail


NS Buffalo Valley Rail Trail A 9-mile railroad trail ending at the Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown in Lewisburg. This scenic trail is a flat route surrounded by PA’s most idyllic farmland landscape, with a mix of paved and gravel surfaces.

A unique feature of this trail is that it is booked by two great breweries!On the Lewisberg side, you can stop by Jackass Brewing Company The names of the beer and food menus will make you laugh at your “what you know”.At the edge of Mifflinburg you can relax in Rusty rail brewing companyOffering a variety of iconic brews, in a beautifully reused factory setting.


Nestled along the banks of the Lower North Branch Sasque Hanawori Art Rail.. This wooded path winds between mountains and rivers, giving you access to boat launches and pedals and paddles for your adventure! Explore Sasquehana Riverland at the southern end of the trail, a relaxing park with a scenic network of trails and abundant wild birds.

After a great outdoor activity, head to the nearby town of Berwick for a beer. Berwick Brewing Company.. In addition to ales and lagers, we make delicious thin crust pizzas tossed by hand and sell a variety of locally baked soft pretzels. All of these are in good harmony with the great location along the river.

Susquehanna River Bloomsburg

Paddler on the Susquehanna River near Bloomsburg


Bloomsburg’s Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown is another hub for outdoor recreation along the river for pedestrians, merchants, or paddlers. Underwater adventurers have access to the river at the PFBC Bloomsburg Boat Ranch. From Berwick to Bloomsburg Also From Bloomsburg to Danville Both are great kayaking itineraries along this river. Land residents can explore Bloomsburg Town Park or Blooms Bar Grail Trail For a fun walk.

After an outdoor tour, head to town and experience two amazing breweries. Marie’s Brewery & Grill Enjoy a variety of beers and great meals in a warm and trendy bar atmosphere. Turkey Hill Brewing Company It also boasts beer and pub food in a cozy, reclaimed barn atmosphere.


With strong ties to the railroad heritage, the Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown in Danville is home to the first railroad trails in the United States. J. Manly Robins Trail..Adventurers can explore further inside Hess resort, so Danville River Front Park, Along North Branch Canal TrailTry mountain biking with, or Hope Welpark or Gaisinger Stewardship Forest..

No matter which adventure you choose, downtown Danville has plenty of opportunities to drink after-recreation beer. Rock God Brewing Company It offers music-themed beer and rock’n’roll decorations and tastes on the spinning slate of a food truck. Old Forge Brewing Company Introducing homemade beer and creative pub food in a rustic brew pub atmosphere.

Overlook Shikerami

View from Sikeramie Overlook


At the confluence of the Susquehanna River Sikeramie State Park and Marina.. Its 132-acre site has a nature trail with stunning views of the confluence of the west and north branches. You can also enjoy boating, walking and cycling at the park marina on Packers Island.

Whether you choose to walk, cycle, paddle, or just enjoy the scenery, you can find the Susquehanna River or the end of the day along it in Northumberland. Pineknotter Brewing Company.. Delicious “one of their craft beers”On-rollSit in a rustic tap room and admire historic photos of Northumberland’s fascinating history to make sandwiches.


Not far from Sikeramie State Park Sunberry Riverfront ParkIt features a 1-mile walking trail along the Susquehanna River. In the summer, you can also enjoy the view of Lake Augusta, a seasonal lake formed by the expansion of the Adam T. Bauer Memorial Dam.

After a riverside walk or fishing day, head to downtown Sunbury Eclipse Craft Brewing Company.. These local breweries make moon-themed beers on-site, along with specialty pizzas that showcase fresh local produce.

Serin’s Gloves

Along the riverbanks of the Susquehanna Greenway Rivertown in Serin’s Grove, Queue island— A 5.5-mile long peninsula with quaint districts and a beautiful waterfront popular with pedestrians, bikers, runners and boaters. A boat launch here is also a great starting point for, for example, a paddling adventure. 12 miles kayak to PFBC Mahantango access..

After exploring the riverfront, downtown Serin’s Grove has two great breweries. Serin’s Gloves Brewing Company It is located in the 1816 house of former Governor Simon Snyder, a building designated as a National Register of Historic Places.Drink beer at this historic tavern or just a short walk away Isle of Cube Brewing Company Enjoy a similarly cozy atmosphere with rustic canoe decoration.You can also paddle up to Penz Taburn The historic 1700s restaurant on the other side of the river serves food and local craft beers on the waterfront.

Put your tail on the trail now! Whether by land or water, the Susquehanna Greenway is full of trails and ales, offering the “hop-on-top” of your next outdoor adventure.

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Note: Drink responsibly. Do not ride a bicycle or boat under the influence. Do not drink and drive. If you choose to drink beyond the limits specified for safe driving in Pennsylvania, have a designated driver ready.

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Susquehanna Greenway Trails and Ales | Outdoors

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