Sunny summer means protecting the skin and avoiding long-term damage

Pittsburgh (KDKA) -I have a question-How careful are you to protect yourself from the sun?

We are approaching the worst of the year due to sun damage to your skin … or are we?

Grab the tabs for this visit to skin specialists and learn how to best protect yourself in the sun!

It’s true that there is a lot of sun in the summer, but exposure to the sun all year round causes long-term problems, and doctors are well aware of the harmful forces of the sun.

“Most dermatologists wear some form of sunscreen,” said Dr. Charles Mount, an AHN dermatologist. “Usually the daily SPF moisturizer we go to work.”

Dr. Mount said the daily use of sunscreen was just wise.

“It not only helps prevent skin cancer and other medical problems, but it also helps slow down what we call the photoaging process,” he explained.

He said it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or sunny, we’re spending our lives building the foundation for skin cancer.

“What we got was walking to the mailbox for the last 10 minutes and driving to the grocery store for the last 10 minutes. This is decades of cumulative sun exposure, UV rays. It’s an exposure to, “explained Dr. Mount.

He added that the exposure acts on the DNA of your skin, and if there is a burn, “there is damage, the DNA is already damaged, and the cat is out of the bag.”

The damage is irreversible and cumulative – it begins when we are children.

“Our faces are exposed every day in our lives for decades,” he said.

Women’s feet are also very vulnerable, so Dr. Mount said he would start protecting himself now.

“If you go to the pool, if you go to the beach, [SPF] 50, you want to be 40-50, “he warned.

He adds that you should reapply every two hours, the important thing to remember is that the year-round exposure is not confusing.

Damage to the DNA of the skin can lead to skin cancer over time.

So what does that mean for people who say “get a base tongue”?

Dr. Mount said it was like hurting the skin in advance so that it wouldn’t hurt the skin later.

Sure, sunburn helps you protect a little, but you’re already doing damage.

Sunny summer means protecting the skin and avoiding long-term damage

Source link Sunny summer means protecting the skin and avoiding long-term damage

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