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According to wellness expert and licensed hairdresser Naeemah Johnson, moisturizers will be the key to keeping hair healthy and beautiful this summer.

“My number one secret is to treat keratin proteins,” Johnson said. “If you have a lot of texture in your hair, keratin protein treatment will fight frizz and moisture.”

Other benefits of keratin treatment include making the hair manageable and shiny.

according to, Keratin is one of the proteins that make up your hair, skin and nails. Keratin is also found in internal organs and glands, is a protective protein, and has been reported to be less prone to scratches and lacerations than other types of cells produced by the body. Because keratin is a structural component of your hair, some believe that keratin supplements, products, and treatments can help strengthen your hair and make it look healthier.

Johnson suggests that it’s perfect for frizz and makes your hair look shiny and plump.

“It reduces curly hair, makes it easier to handle, keeps it straight, and makes it easier to style your hair,” Johnson said.

It also helps protect the hair from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental damage.

“Protein treatment not only helps hydrate the hair, but its protein genes help to achieve a refined look that doesn’t easily get undone in the summer,” Johnson said.

Johnson also suggests adding a hair mask to your summer hair care regime.

“Hair masks are similar to face masks, but for hair,” Johnson said.

Many salons offer hair masks that you can easily do at home. Brands such as Aveda, OUAI, Nexxus and Johnson’s Nbeauty Inc. have their own DIY-ready and affordable hair masks.

“We use cosmetological masks in our salons, which we also retail because it’s one of the cheapest treatments you can do at home,” Johnson said. “Leave it in your hair for 25 to 30 minutes. If you want to wash it, it’s perfect.”

A hair mask is like a powerful conditioner intended to soak and cover your hair. By trapping moisture, you can achieve healthier and stronger hair, whether it’s dry hair, heat-damaged hair, chemically colored hair, frizzy hair, or just aged hair. Useful for. Remember that moisturizing and moisturizing are the keys to maintaining healthy hair in the heat.

“Argan oil, marula oil, etc. actually add hydration and natural oils without making the hair greasy. These oils are good for the summer,” Johnson said. “Some people like a wet look, but if you keep your hair in the water constantly, it will actually dry out, so you need something to keep it moist.”

For those preparing for a summer day at the pool or beach, Johnson suggests applying a leave-in conditioner for the day.

“”[Constantly] Add water to your hair and it will dry. It also keeps the pH level in the hair imbalanced, “says Johnson. “So you may be wondering why your hair is dry and cut. If you are spraying water and using alcohol-based products on your hair, it will strip and dry your hair.”

“Try putting in conditioning products and some oils while your hair is wet,” Johnson said. “It’s like absorbing salt from the ocean. You need something like that to protect and act as a barrier, but never just get your hair wet and keep your business going.”

Johnson also encourages people to enjoy their hair this season and try something new. “Warm seasons like spring and summer are perfect for color, cuts and hair extensions,” Johnson said.

“As you know, this year is a fun time. This year is a fun time,” Johnson said. “Most of the time I go out with my friends during the summer. You will go to festivals, your wardrobe will change, we are adding things in more colors. New hairstyles and colors I want to use to match my hair to the mood, “says Johnson.

According to Johnson, now is the time to let go of curly or straight hair, short or long hair.

“Summer hair energy must be fun and easy, but it’s not. Cut it and dry it,” Johnson said.

Naeemah Johnson is the owner of Nbeauty Inc. Salon and Spa and has created full skin and hair care lines under the Nbeauty brand. For more information, please visit:

Summer is coming, is your hair ready? | Lifestyle

Source link Summer is coming, is your hair ready? | Lifestyle

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