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Vonyale Williams has decided not to prevent the challenge from focusing on helping other entrepreneurs promote their business and increase brand awareness.

She and her brother Neil Williams partnered to form NEV Creative Studio, LLC, but a pandemic blocked last year’s opening plans. They secured a place for Landsdawn’s studio last November, but couldn’t officially launch it until April.

For months, the brothers faced the challenge of paying to rent a studio before they officially made it publicly available.

“I had a lot of tears, yes, I almost gave up, but I couldn’t quit because of my savings and heart,” said Williams, who also works as a business and marketing analyst. Olympia Chimney Supply the case of

“I’ve just dreamed, so I’ll overcome all obstacles and keep moving forward.”

Her studio specializes in providing product photography, social media management, video recording, web design, and Google Analytics for small business owners.

“We’re focusing on small businesses, creators and entrepreneurs to take advantage of space to build our brand,” said 30-year-old Williams from West Philadelphia.

“Our specialty is the overall creative aspect of creating content for your business. My motivation is just to see people win.”

Kareem Crump of CrumpVision uses the studio for his photo client. He used to take pictures at home and appreciates his access to professional locations.

“It really helped me a lot as I established myself as a photographer and the business appeared on the map,” Crump said. “I now have a place I can go to, and I can say” I’m in a professional studio right now “, and my clients also love to come there. It’s a business place, so I feel very good. “

The versatile 1,600-square-foot studio at 26 N. Lansdowne Ave. can also be used for special events such as baby showers, meetings and parties.

Williams says entrepreneurship is in her blood. Her family ran a hairdresser on 69th Avenue and Rodman Street in western Philadelphia for over 60 years.

The studio marks her second business venture. After years of working in a corporate environment, Williams launched Poise NYC in 2017, a digital marketing company for startups, nonprofits and small businesses.

“Working hard at an American company makes it difficult for me to move forward as a black woman, so it was like putting my skills out and helping my friends and family do business. Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Williams, who graduated from college, said.

She is currently integrating the services offered by Poise NYC with NEV Creative Studio.

-Entrepreneurs selected by the African American Chamber of Commerce

Studios provide space for creative entrepreneurs | Work

Source link Studios provide space for creative entrepreneurs | Work

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