“Stray”: How a virtual orange tabby helps a real cat

Annapurna also bought Meow Parlour, a New York cat cafe and adoption agency, over the weekend for $1,000. Attendees who booked were able to purchase “Stray” themed merchandise and play her game for 20 minutes surrounded by cats. (This game also attracts cats, video on social media shows. )

Jeff Legaspi, director of marketing for Annapurna Interactive, said the game “hopes to have a positive impact and raise awareness about adopting a new pet rather than buying one.” I’m here.

Annapurna declined to disclose sales or download numbers for the game available on the PlayStation and Steam platforms. No.1 Purchase Game last two weeks.

The North Shore Animal League America, which rescues tens of thousands of animals each year, has seen no increase in traffic from its games. Gamer Thanks $800.

Luckily, the shelter had just profiled to the platform Tiltify. This allows nonprofits to receive donations from video streams the week the game launches. The player sent donations to the shelter, beating his first goal of $200.

Carol Marchesano, senior digital marketing director at Rescue, said: However, organizations typically need to contact online personalities to coordinate livestreams, which can be a lot of work.

About nine of Tiltify’s campaigns mention a game called “Stray,” said the company’s CEO, Michael Wasserman. JustGiving, who also promotes his stream Charity Live, says he has identified two campaigns for the game.

Gepson from Nebraska reached out to an online charity live stream named TreyDay1014 in Omaha. Trey, who asked not to reveal his last name, has two cats, one of which he adopted from a shelter.

Last week he told viewers Watch live on platform Twitch When his cat character tapped another cat’s tail and danced along the railing.

“It would upset me to see my cat doing this outside,” Trey said as his character jumped a dangerous distance. Moments later, a rusty pipe breaks, plunging Tubby into the darkness.

“Poor baby,” Trey said solemnly.

There was a $25 donation after the fall, and in about 30 minutes, Trey had raised over $100 for a shelter in Nebraska. By the end of four and a half hours of play, donations totaled him $1,500. His goal was to collect $200.

“This allows us to use this platform for a lot more than just playing video games,” said Trey.


AP business writer Matt O’Brien contributed to this report.

“Stray”: How a virtual orange tabby helps a real cat

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