State University cyclist recovers after hit-and-run accident

Pennsylvania State University (WTAJ) – A senior at Pennsylvania State University said he is feeling better after being hit by an SUV while riding his bike on Beaver Street.

Thanks to friends and the state university community, Kevin Carr is feeling better after a hit-and-run accident on June 30th.

“They turned right into my lane as if they were going to pew left on this road,” Carr said. “And I knew I was going too fast to avoid it, I knew I couldn’t turn with the car, I knew I would get run over otherwise, so I had to get hit. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, so I hit the left front of their car, kind of thrown over the hood.”

Carr said he didn’t get a good look at the driver lying on Pew Street, but saw the driver thrust his arm up at him before he drove away. He then began evaluating his injury.

“I looked down and there was a huge cut on my right knee, and then I looked down and there was a huge golf ball sized thing on my elbow,” Kerr said. “I thought maybe I broke my elbow?

Kerr refused to board an ambulance and was taken to hospital, where he had five staples in his right knee. His bike, which he used to commute to his on-campus student farm, broke down, but fortunately local residents and friends helped him out.

“The Witnesses were great. They just helped me,” Mr. Kerr said. “The Sheets employee gave me some water and some things to help with the cuts. But yeah, a friend of mine lent me this nice bike here in the meantime.”

Police are looking for a red Alfa Romeo Stelvio with “CRYSTINA” on the license plate and the investigation is still ongoing. Kerr said he is now in good physical condition and does not expect the events to slow him down in the future.

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“It’s not going to change the way you cycle around town,” Carr said. “It’s a great city to cycle around in, I love it.” State University cyclist recovers after hit-and-run accident

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