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State Lawyer: Florida Cops Justified by Teenage Death | Nationwide

Tarpon Springs, Florida (AP) —Florida officials have determined that a teenager’s deadly shooting was a legitimate murder, pointing out to passing cars and corresponding police officers that they were found to be air rifles. ..

According to the investigation, all police officers involved in the shooting of Alexander King on October 16 acted within legal obligations after the 16-year-old boy repeatedly refused orders to place weapons, Pinellas-Pasco. County state lawyer Bruce Bartlett said. A letter released on Monday.

The officer responded to the following report Teens pointed their rifles at passing cars Located in Tarpon Springs, near St. Petersburg, Florida’s Gulf Coast.

According to Bartlett’s letter to Tarpon Springs Police Chief Jeffrey Young, King wears an airsoft rifle that looks like a deadly weapon, except for a “faded orange tip” that police officers can’t tell from a distance. had.

The names of the two police officers who shot King and the other five police officers on the scene will not be disclosed because they exercised their right to remain anonymous under Mercy’s Law in Florida.

According to the survey, King pointed his rifle at the first chief officer who arrived at the scene that night. The policeman hid behind the car and asked for a backup.

The policeman said he heard King shout, “Shoot me, shoot me.”

Two of the police officers who responded said they were afraid to shoot him or someone else, so they shot him four times, the investigation found. He was sentenced to die in the hospital after a while.

Mobile phone videos taken by witnesses confirm the officer’s account, the letter said. It shows that King is pulling the slide back and charging the rifle.

The letter also details the troubled history of teenagers, including multiple battery incidents involving students, employees, and school resource officers.

In 2019, he was removed from Tarpon Springs High School for threat assessment by the Sheriff’s Office. He was reportedly seen painting knives, guns, German soldiers, and swastikas, and seemed to enjoy the anxiety that his actions caused some students.

King was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, and bipolar disorder and was hospitalized seven times against his will for mental health reasons. He also previously confronted the police with a knife and was crushed with a non-lethal pepperball.

His sister, Kelly Greenawald, apologized to someone who might have been scared of King in a Facebook post, but she believes he didn’t mean to hurt anyone.She said he had been fighting mental illness since he was three years old, a year after adoption, the Tampa Bay Times. report..

She told investigators that King was upset on the night of October 16 and left home after threatening to commit suicide.

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State Lawyer: Florida Cops Justified by Teenage Death | Nationwide

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