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Stacey Abrams Group Donates $ 1.34 Million to Clear Medical Debt | Nationwide

Atlanta (AP) — A political organization led by democratic giant Stacey Abrams is diverging into repayment of medical debt.

Wednesday’s Fair Fight Political Action Committee donates $ 1.34 million from the Political Action Committee to the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to clear the $ 212 million par value debt owed by 108,000 people in Georgia, Arizona. He told the Associated Press that he had donated. , Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, CEO of the Alliance Group’s Fair Fight Action and Senior Advisor to PAC, said that repayment of medical debt was a refusal to extend health insurance to all poor adults, calling for increased coverage of Medicaid in 12 states. He said it was another aspect of support. ..

“Very important about this is the link between the expansion of Medicaid and the crushing of medical debt,” said Glow Wargo.

Of the states covered, Arizona and Louisiana have expanded Medicaid.

Fair Fight said a letter would be sent to notify those who were exempt from debt. This purchase exempts approximately 69,000 in Georgia, more than 27,000 in Arizona, more than 8,000 in Louisiana, and approximately 2,000 in Mississippi and Alabama, respectively.

The group has raised more than $ 100 million since it was founded by Abrams after losing in the Georgia Governor’s election in 2018. Fair Fight is best known for its voting advocacy, but it also promotes broader healthcare. The group last week put up an ad requesting Georgian Republican Governor Brian Kemp add Medicade’s expansion to the list of topics considered by Georgia lawmakers in a special session starting next week to redraw the constituency. Announced. The Democrats want Abrams to play Kemp again in 2022. This is the slight loss that has driven her into a political star.

“We are directly aware that families are increasingly in debt due to the collapse of health care costs and the healthcare system,” Abrams said in a statement. To expand Medicaid, even during a pandemic. “

RIP Medical Debt said FairFight is the third largest donation in history. Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott donated $ 50 million to the group last year. Since its establishment in 2014, the group has supported more than 3 million people. We usually buy a bunch of medical debt at a significant discount from face value. Invoices are often purchased from collection agencies that are trying to get debtors to pay for years. The group has wiped out debt of more than $ 5.3 billion in face value.

Allison Sesso, executive director of RIP Medical Debt, said such responsibilities could drive people into bankruptcy, discourage people from seeking the medical care they need, pay property or Lien. May be submitted.

“I don’t underestimate the mental distress that people have from their medical debt,” Sesso said.

Her group isn’t just pursuing debt abolition, but “thinking about ways to improve the system nationwide,” Seso said, more to make charity care available to hospitals. I’m trying to insist that I should do a lot. She also states that expanded Medicaid has a lower incidence of medical debt, according to a study.

“We are not a permanent solution. We need a bigger solution for what we do about medical debt.”

Glow Wargo said the money came from donors for political activity, but said the money was “only a small percentage” of what Fair Fight raised.

“I think this is a political tithe to support the community we advocate,” said Growargo, who said the group undertook a small philanthropic effort.


Earlier versions of this report incorrectly stated that the donation came from Fair Fight Action. The donation is from the Fair Fight Political Action Committee.

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Stacey Abrams Group Donates $ 1.34 Million to Clear Medical Debt | Nationwide

Source link Stacey Abrams Group Donates $ 1.34 Million to Clear Medical Debt | Nationwide

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