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Growing in your own space at your own pace is 10th Home Garden Contest People can come in for a chance to win up to $ 150.

Adults, young people, experienced gardeners, and novice growers living in the Pottstown or Boyertown Autonomous Region will be able to register for the contest from April 29th. Registration ends on June 24th. Registration is free so that community members can sign up for free.

Grand prizes in most categories are $ 150, but there are also second, third, and prestigious prizes. The contest will be judged in July. Participants in each of the two towns will be judged separately, but all participants will be invited to the joint award luncheon in September.

Tracy Purdy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mosaic Community Land Trust, said the contest aims to help people discover the physical, nutritional and spiritual benefits of gardening.

“There are many psychotherapies that occur when you build a garden,” she said.

Purdy, who is also a member of the Garden Contest Planning Committee, said the category of this year’s contest is to allow participation of different abilities and ages, from beginners to children. Anyone under the age of 18 is eligible to enroll in the “Youth Gardener” category.

“We really want young people to try it,” she said.

According to Purdy, gardening is not difficult and can be done in a small space like a container.

“Start with the simple things. Start with what you like,” she said.

Gardening is a great opportunity to experiment and “try it”, Purdy said.

She said anyone who needs help getting started with gardening can contact Mosaic for tips and resources.

“If you’re afraid to try, come and borrow one of our parcels. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish,” says Purdy.

Below is a description of the five major categories and one bonus category for the 2022 Home Garden Contest.

General garden

This category is intended for those who have a little bit of everything in the garden, such as flowers, shrubs, ornaments, vegetables, etc. There is no size requirement. The grand prize in this category is $ 150.

Edible (vegetables, plus) garden

This category is open to people growing gardens that can be eaten with fruits and vegetables. The garden can also contain a combination of herbs, edible flowers, or edible plants. The grand prize in this category is $ 150.

A little a lot

This category is intended for people who may have limited gardening intervals. People can enter the garden in containers, window boxes, planters, or small gardens up to 100 square feet. Contestants in this category are encouraged to be creative in a small space. The highest award is $ 150.

Fun pouch

This category is for gardens that reside on the resident’s porch. It’s all about welcoming the front pouch with plants. The porch garden is a great way to beautify your neighborhood in the community. The grand prize in this category is $ 150.

Youth Gardener

Anyone under the age of 18 can fall into this garden category. Submissions may include a fairy garden, a container garden, a raised bed, or a garden planted on the ground. The only requirement is that the child or adolescent must be the main gardener of the space. The grand prize in this category is $ 75.

Best block (bonus category)

The mission of the Home Garden Contest includes promoting a sense of community so that neighbors can join in this bonus category. This category is open to residents of nearby blocks with 3 or more home gardens. The winning neighborhood block gets the party.

To enter one of these categories, please complete the online registration form below. Or a printed form Pottstown Mosaic Office or Building a better Boyertown office..

The Home Garden Contest is made possible by the collaboration of the Mosaic Community Land Trust, Building a Better Boyertown, and the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation. For more information on the contest, including gardening tips, resources, and upcoming garden tour events, visit:

Spring 10th Home Garden Contest – Daily Local

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