Sport psychologist and therapist for athletes around Philadelphia

Strengthening the mind and body is closely related to sports. Who can help teams and individuals manage both?

Here is a list of therapists for sports psychologists and athletes in the Philadelphia region. / Getty Images photos provided.

For most athletes, being in the limelight entails immense pressure. Athletes sometimes, whether overcoming injuries, match-day anxieties, or overwhelming fear of failure Weight of the world On their shoulders.

Now, more than ever, athletes’ mental health is at the forefront of conversation, especially afterwards. Simone Biles When Naomi Osaka Withdrawing from the finals of the Tokyo Olympics and the French Open, respectively, we will set an example by putting their happiness first.

But you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to feel the stress of competition. Athletes of all ages and levels need mental health support. Below, these local therapists and counselors who specialize in sport psychology aim to help athletes stay strong inside and outside the arena.

Vail Jones

1260 Old York Road, Warminster

Baille Jones, Licensed Professional Counselor Air Mid Wellness and Counseling Center Collaborate with athletes with a background in sport psychology who navigate stressful situations, experience life and identity changes, and live with trauma, anxiety, or relationship problems. ..

Sport Psychology Center

255 South 17th Street, Suite 1408, Rittenhouse

Director Joelfish has worked with the Phillies, Flyers, 76ers, and various universities in the region. He and his staff focus on the spiritual aspects of sports for athletes of all levels, working with both individuals and teams to assist parents in how to help athletes at home.

Ciarán Dalton Psychology

331 West State Street, Media

Psychologist Ciarán Dalton is a former professional athlete who understands the importance of a strong mental health foundation that athletes need to reach their full potential. Dalton works with everyone, from young athletes to adult professionals, to develop tools and remedies to build self-confidence, stay focused, minimize negative thoughts and improve performance. Offers.

Cindy Schwartz-DeVol

175 Strafford Avenue, Suite 1, Wayne

As a competitive athlete in both tennis and golf, qualified psychologist Cindy Schwartz Debor has the potential for athletes to face in their careers, including negative self-talk, poor concentration and frustration. I understand some hardships. To overcome these hurdles, she helps clients create positive self-talk strategies and overcome performance-related emotional obstacles.

Cleary counseling service

202A N Monroe Street, Media

Certified professional counselor and certified mental health coach Sean Cleary helps athletes, especially baseball players, set goals, manage anxiety, focus, and deal with failures and injuries. He has also worked as a Sport Psychology Consultant. Deck training center At New Town Square.

Dollar counseling

300 East Lancaster Avenue, Suite 200, Winwood

Recognizing that athletes have high expectations for performing in and out of the field, licensed professional counselor and sports performance consultant Eddallah combines both sports psychology and clinical perspectives to make athletes the best. We take an approach that allows you to achieve your performance. Dollar also provides team presentations and workshops, parental support, and service to golfers and their caddies.


551 West Lancaster Avenue, Suite 214, Haverford

Greenepsych’s team of certified sports psychologists, and other mental health professionals, work with athletes on many issues, including performance anxiety, eating disorders, self-confidence building, and mental setbacks associated with injuries. We use our expertise in. Greenepsych serves individuals and groups and also organizes workshops on topics such as the development of mental skills in sports and the mental health of high school and college athletes.

Meg Waldron Mental Performance


Whether you’re recovering from an injury or need help overcoming poor performance, mental performance coach and former athletic runner Meg Waldron gives athletes the resources to overcome motivation and mental disabilities. We strive to provide. She hosts individual sessions, teamwork, training camps, and presentations on topics such as mindfulness and goal setting.

New Town Sports & Performance Psychology

17 Barclay Street, Building A / B, Newtown and 118 North State Street, 2nd floor, Newtown

Whatever your sporting goals or athletic stressors, the Newtown Sport & Performance Psychology team understands that athletes face ever-increasing levels of pressure and often need support for their overall health. doing. This is because each New Town Practice counselor has a strong background in athletics, from soccer and gymnastics to equestrian and lacrosse. In addition to counseling for athletes employed by the university, we also offer services for athletes who want to become coaches.

Pamela Sims


Qualified psychologist Pamela Simms believes in engaging in sports performance through five areas: self-motivation, emotional regulation, attention and concentration, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal relationships. Using a collaborative approach, athletes work on the connection between mind and body to help them achieve their best performance.

Shadana Davis


With nearly 20 years of experience, qualified psychologist Shadana Davis is associated with anxiety, ADHD, trauma and cultural diversity in the hope of removing the barriers and hesitation often associated with athletes seeking mental health support. We support both adolescent and adult athletes on issues such as concerns. ..

Transition counseling service

63 Chestnut Road, Sweet 10, Paoli

Taunya Marie Tinsley has over 25 years of experience in coaching, management and life skills training at the high and college levels and continues to leverage that experience to provide professional counseling services to a wide range of athletes. Common concerns, whether individuals or teams, such as retirement from sports and fostering leadership, focus on helping athletes prepare for the next step, whatever it may be.

Sport psychologist and therapist for athletes around Philadelphia

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