Southern Lee High, Panther Ray defeated the fever to win the championship – wake-up call

Todd Miller spent Wednesday with dozens of sixth graders on an excursion to Ellis Island.

Miller isn’t too relaxed the day after the Southern Lee High baseball team beat Pocono Mountain East 5-2 at DeSales University’s Wayland Park on Tuesday night to win the District 11 5A title for the second year in a row. I could not do it.

But just as Miller couldn’t relax, he hopes his team won’t relax in a way because there’s another tournament that starts on Monday, the PIAA tournament.

“It’s a confident group and the kids are excited to keep going,” Miller said. “I haven’t passed the state quarterfinals, but I’m confidently forming a group. We like the way we pitch and play. You’re ready to play defensively against us. If not, we would put pressure on you, and we forced many teams to make mistakes, which benefited us. “

Southern Lee High improved to 21-3. It was the second championship in less than two weeks since winning the Colonial League Championship by defeating Notre Dame Green Pond on May 19. This is the first time I have won two titles in the same season since 2006.

“It was very special to win our way,” Miller said. “I ran sophomore Janssen Brown for pitching. He did a good job of keeping them down and told me the situation we wanted a place to run. [Matt] I put a tank there to finish the game. We knew that Tank Red wouldn’t be able to get the whole game done in the heat. But Janssen has led us to success and everyone has contributed in different ways. The victory in the team was good. “

Brown made a 5⅓ inning, allowed 5 hits, walked 1 and hit 2. Tank Red got 3 outs out of 5 outs in 1⅔ innings with strikeouts. He allowed two hits and didn’t walk anything.

Southern Lee High had only three hits, but we made the most of them.

The biggest was the third Tancred 3-run triple. It followed two walks and a bunt single by Michael Andrews. After that, Tank Red scored with Will Woodring’s single. This was actually the squeeze bunt he defeated. The only other Spartan run occurred on the sixth time when a hit by pitch, a ball that passed, and two errors produced a score.

“It was one of those games we had to smash it,” Woodring said. “With only three hits, there wasn’t the best offensive production. So to get five runs, you can see how difficult it is to smash it. We’re really working hard. Worked and ran. “

Pocono Mountain East, who lost to Southern Lee High in the second consecutive final, finished 12-11. The Cardinal won a RBI single by Ethan Kaufman and Julian Lopez. Kaufman had two of the seven hits in the East, including the double.

This is Southern Lee High’s third overall district championship, and Spartans have won the trophy for winning one of the region’s most successful programs.

“This is a good group of kids together,” Miller said. “We’ve been pretty successful over the years, but for a long time we didn’t have many championships, so getting it now is very satisfying.”

Woodling, who attends the Florida Inspiration Academy for a year and then graduates for four years, said his school graduation was Friday night, but he hopes to represent Southern Lee High for another two weeks or so. increase.

“Our team has a lot of aspirations and remains highly motivated,” says Woodling. “All the kids on this team still want to be around her. While seniors graduate on Friday, we go as far as we can in the state to be the best team Southern Lee High had in baseball. Motivated by. “

Panther Valley 11, Palmerton 8

After his team defeated Notre Dame Green Pond in the 11th District 3A semifinal on Saturday, Pantherley’s Stephen Hood said the Scoocal League was better than the Colonial League.

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Hood’s Panthers were better than at least two Colonial League members in the 3A tournament as they won District Gold at DeSales on Tuesday afternoon and defeated another league member, Permuton.

Hood, Hayden Goida and Michael Pasco all scored two hits and two RBIs as Panther Ray (18-6) won the first district gold since winning Schuylkill Haven 5-4 in 2003.

Bradhood and Cordiolsrack joined with nine batters and recorded seven strikeouts.

Palmerton (15-9) won two runs, two RBIs and two RBIs from Garrett Hovasse. Caleb Itner knocked with two hits and Nate Steinmetz knocked with two runs, including six doubles. The bomber dragged 3-0, 5-1 and 6-2, but Panther Bray fired 5 runs at the top of the top of the 6th inning and returned within 6-5 before clearing the game.

Stephen Hood’s two-run triple was the sixth big hit for Panther Bray. Orshrac, Goida and Henryu Kokinda scored RBIs, and Hood’s two-run triple scored a pair.

When the state tournament begins on Monday, Panther Bray will face Second District Champion Lake Leeman.

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Southern Lee High, Panther Ray defeated the fever to win the championship – wake-up call

Source link Southern Lee High, Panther Ray defeated the fever to win the championship – wake-up call

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