South School Kill Garden Club plans to sell plants

The South School Kill Garden Club will sell annuals at the School Kill Haven Senior Recreation Center on Haven Street from 8 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 21st.

Start your day early by stopping by for the best selection of locally grown plants for your garden. There are hundreds of plants, including but not limited to perennials such as premium daily, hosta, and sedum. Along with shrubs and small trees, there are a wide variety of perennials for the sun and shade. Vegetable plants from your garden to your dinner plate. A large selection of native plants will be available.

From houseplants to herbs, you’ll find almost anything that suits your gardening needs. Take advantage of great prices starting at $ 2 to start your garden or add to your existing landscape. These tough plants are locally grown and adapted to the area.

Gardening trends are grown locally. That means working with native plants that grow on their own in the area. The USDA states that native plants have already adapted to the climate and soil conditions of the region. These native plants provide important nectar, pollen and seeds for the native fauna. Native plants do not require fertilizers, require less pesticides, are less thirsty, can prevent erosion, do not require reaping, and have the potential to promote biodiversity. The South Schilkill Garden Club is known for its native plants.

When shopping on sale, think about where each plant will be placed in your garden. Then ask yourself how many hours of sunlight and shade you can get at the spot. Does water collect in this place? Are the spots dry? What does the soil look like?

Native plants can take up to a year to settle and grow into new habitats. When planting what you purchased at the time of sale, remember to leave room for the plant to grow and propagate.

This year’s new plant sale is an annual bedding plant, as the club strives to meet local demand for new species of plants. You can also buy new and different perennials.

South School Kill Garden Club Expert Gardeners and Pennsylvania State Master Gardeners will answer your gardening questions. Contact Nancy (570-753-9787) by phone / text or email for more information.

The sale takes place outdoors and follows social distance as much as possible.

South School Kill Garden Club plans to sell plants

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