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South Carolina authorities want mask mandate ban proceedings | National

South Carolina officials sued by law prohibiting school districts from issuing face mask orders say they should be removed from the proceedings in dispute.

This was done in a recent court filing filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Governor Henry McMaster, Attorney Alan Wilson, and other disability rights groups and parents of children with disabilities in South Carolina. It’s a discussion. Plaintiffs have challenged the budgetary measures passed this summer to prevent South Carolina districts from using state funds to demand masks at schools.

The proceedings are pervasive as South Carolina is addressing the new COVID-19 surge. This is partly due to the delta variant and the vaccination rate of just under 50% of eligible residents. Intensive care units are full in both adult and children’s hospitals, with more than 750 deaths reported in early September. The average number of new cases reported daily is still around 4,500, a level that was exceeded only during the peak winter months before the vaccine became widely available.

The resurrection has forced many schools and the entire two school districts to return to online learning within a month of their direct return. Some districts and cities are ignoring the ban and are implementing their own requirements.

Such a move was made this Tuesday by the state’s second-largest school district. Voted to start implementing their own masking requirementsWe plan to use federal funds to implement the policy for 48,000 students. Earlier this month, the State Supreme Court withdrew its obligation to school masks in the Colombian capital for children who were too young to be vaccinated in a proceeding from Wilson.

ACLU suit The ban on mask mandates violates Americans with Disabilities Act and Rehabilitation Act and affects students with underlying health or disabilities who are at risk of becoming seriously ill when contracting for COVID-19. Insist. Unnecessarily isolate students with disabilities or students with disabilities from their peers.

Schools also need to provide reasonable modifications to ensure full participation of students with disabilities.

Plaintiff last month Apply for a temporary restraint order Blocking law enforcement, state officials claim that “we are illegally forcing South Carolina families with children with disabilities to choose between child education and child health and safety.” doing.

Defendants submitted individual briefs in opposition to the request for detention orders, and McMaster’s lawyers said ACLU and its clients were “simply litigating their policy preferences or disagreeing with decisions made by representatives of the General Assembly. You can’t go to court. “

McMaster’s lawyer also consistently encouraged South Carolina citizens to be aware of applicable public health guidance, including wearing masks in public places where social distance is not available. We encourage qualified and ambitious individuals to be vaccinated. ” “

Wilson also submitted a memo against the request for a detention order, arguing that he should not have been nominated in the proceedings, saying that “he played no role in alleging violations of the law in question.”

Lawyers in some school districts argued that the request for an injunction “does not indicate the existence of immediate and irreparable injuries to the school board’s defendant’s education program.” In another brief explanation, the lawyer wrote that education inspector Molly Spareman “does not take a substantive position on the matter” and “continues to perform his duties properly” in her office. ..

In response, ACLU’s lawyer said in a filing that “the defendants involved in the substance of the debate, especially the governor and the attorney general, have confirmed that plaintiffs are likely to succeed in the proposal.” I wrote.

McMaster, who called the lawsuit’s allegations “totally inaccurate,” reiterated that children under the age of 12 are not yet eligible, but only parents should decide whether or not the child should wear a mask at school. He said and urged South Carolinas to be vaccinated with COVID-19.

“All we can do about it is to inform people, tell them what works and what doesn’t, and let them make the best decisions for their family and their lives.” McMaster said on Tuesday.


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South Carolina authorities want mask mandate ban proceedings | National

Source link South Carolina authorities want mask mandate ban proceedings | National

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