‘Soup-er’ Sunday fundraiser helps fight stigma against substance abuse disorders

Altoona, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Families United for Change held its second annual “Soup-er” Sunday fundraiser to raise funds to combat stigma around substance abuse disorders.

The Catholic War Veterans Club filled up as the soup sold out quickly. A basket lottery will also be held for visitors.

“We were lucky to host it again last year. Families United for Change was blown away by the support last year, but I think this year has exceeded all of our expectations,” said Meghan, Coordinator of Families United for Change. said. Sinishi said. “All for a tremendous cause. Substance abuse disorder is an addiction and it affects so many people in our community.”

One of the goals of this organization is to focus on the human side of drug addiction and educate people on how to help people who are struggling with drug addiction. Coordinator Marianne Sinisi said she was often overlooked.

“We try to help families support their loved ones,” Sinisi said. “Tough love doesn’t work. Loving someone through this illness is the way to go. It’s something that’s changing and treating it in a negative way doesn’t do the person any good, so I I am happy to see that.

Miss Pennsylvania Alisa Bainbridge also stopped by the event. Her social impact initiatives are focused on helping people combat addiction and substance abuse disorders and helping them get the support and resources they need.

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“My main message to people in recovery and families is to know that addiction does not define you as an individual or a family,” Bainbridge said. is so much more than that addiction, it’s a disease your family has to fight like any other, to let them know they’re more than that and that they’re still worth it. I hope ‘Soup-er’ Sunday fundraiser helps fight stigma against substance abuse disorders

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