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Some faith

Pittsburgh’s musical activity Some Faith recently released a memorable sonic track, “Prey To My Grief.”Some beliefs, composed of vocalist Indigo Baroch and producer Bryan Sykes, stepped into the music scene with their songs in 2020. “Pain has a purpose.” They released an EP in October 2020, and “Prey To My Grief” continues the eerie pop band trend emphasized by intense and emotional lyrics.

“I wanted it when I was young
Everything that bothered me
I always loved the most hurt
All that remains for me now is the ghost

Prey to my sorrow so you can’t catch me
You will never have me because I am the prey of my sorrow
You can’t catch me because it preys on my sorrow
I’m a prey to sadness, so I can’t touch it very much. ”

The song tells us that we tend to get caught up in the past and feel pain, but we also want to protect ourselves from the greater harm by learning from the past. Refraining from “sharpening your teeth” following “prey of sadness now” really shatters the urge to protect yourself in the face of danger.

Baroch, who wrote this song, said that “Play to My Grief,” like some other songs of faith, is “lyrical and musical” for her to “process and unpack trauma.” Method “.

“In this case, it was specifically about getting into a cycle of abuse in relationships,” says Baroque, who co-owns Garfield’s Black Cat Market. “It’s what you think it’s right for you because it suffers from the pain of your past and past relationships. You want something healthy and gentle, but sometimes after a lot of abuse you You start to feel that’s all you can have. It’s a pattern I know that I and many of my loved ones have fallen. ”

Barrowch’s vocals vibrate between high, almost appealing tones that give the listener a clinging song texture, along with eerie chanting and grainy synths. If you were an emo kid characterized by your great emotions and dark prejudices, you will love this new song and some common beliefs. It’s music for that child who grew up with a good understanding of his feelings and what happened.

“Prey To My Grief” is currently available on all streaming platforms. It will also be included in Some Faith’s second EP, which will be released on August 13.

Song Spotlight: “The Prey of My Sorrow” by Some Faith | Music | Pittsburgh

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