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Sierra Cellars “Need You Bad”

At midnight on July 21st, Sierra Cellars released a new song titled “Need You Bad”. This is a beautiful and lively R & B track that I love to sing along with. “Need You Bad” is a smooth, well-balanced song that can be confusing to listen to and end up in a loop. The seller’s voice soars and is comfortable as the lyrics describe the universal struggle of love and the challenges we experience in our relationships.

Sellers are steadily making a strong voice in the Pittsburgh music scene. She released the jazzy and moody “Lonely Feels” in March 2021. I’m looking forward to an album with this new single in the near future.

“Need You Bad” is the perfect summer groove. The beats are airy and light, perfect for the delicate vocals of the cellar. A chorus is a balm that calms and delights listeners.

The seller wrote the song with Jeremy Rozinger, and the lyrics are rich in the complexity of trying to save the relationship:

“How can I fix it?”
When you are walking away from love
I know what i said
It was painful
It’s not a hurtful word, lover
That is the truth you heard
I don’t know what’s wrong
You like
My cause …

You have to be bad
I know it’s hard to be with
But i can’t stand
Why i came to believe
All of that
I just came to believe
All bad
Everything is bad. “
Listen to the song a few times and you’ll be sure to spot the difference in chorus tones. This means that this isn’t just about romance.

“So in poetry I say I’ll be something else important, but in chorus I’m actually talking about music, and how I have to trust this is lonely Yet that’s what I’m trying to do, and it comes from the bad moments when I feel I’m ready to fail and give up, “says Cellars.

“Need You Bad” is available on streaming platforms and Amazon.

Song Spotlight: Sierra Cellars “Need You Bad” | Music | Pittsburgh

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