Some Jawn Youse may not know the origin of “Jawn”


Not all cities have their own language.

Chin sign by Visit Philly for many years. Photos by raymondclarkeimages / Flickr

As a result, Philly’s unique linguistics is sometimes involved in cultural conversations.Maybe when Bryce Harper is wearing him “Clear Wooder” T-shirt.. When @paradenoia Remake Feliz suddenly one morning At a local angle.Or when LA Times Anatomy Kate winslet Mare in East Town accent.

These opportunities are always reminiscent of Joan, the city’s only greatest contribution to the American vocabulary.Or as Danno Sowitz of Atlas Obscura has Explained it:

The word “Joan” is different from other English words. In fact, according to the experts I spoke to, it is different from other words in other languages. It is a multipurpose noun and is a substitute for inanimate objects, abstract concepts, events, places, individuals, and groups of people. In Philadelphia, asking someone to “remember to bring that chin to your chin” is a perfectly acceptable statement.

Of course it is. In Philadelphia, damn, we say what we mean. Here is some information about our unique and irreplaceable all-purpose nouns.

Become worthy
according to Merriam-Webster, Dictionary people, “jawn” is a descendant of “joint”. This is a word that originally (dating back to the 1200s) refers to where two bones meet, such as an ankle joint. Its meaning gradually led to a “joint” to point to a place where shaded characters meet and hang out, like the opium den. (Therefore, in general, and ultimately in particular, the use of words for drug-related devices Marijuana tobacco.. )

Through a process known as “Semantic Bleach” (Sounds painful!), The infamous part gradually disappeared, and as Cab Calloway defined in him in 1939, the “joint” simply became a place. Hepcat dictionary (Like “joint jumps in”). In the south “Juke joint” Perhaps in itself a variation of the “jug joint”, it was a gathering place for music, drinks and dance while blacks were excluded from white facilities.

Many meanings
“Jawn” seems to have been developed as a Philadelphia variant of “joint” sometime in the 1980s. “It’s joint” By Bronx group Funky for Plus One. With more semantic bleaching, “joints” are more than places.And for that Impact of Southern Drawl Not to mention the Philadelphia tongue African-American Black English, Because we tend to swallow the last consonant … there is no “t”.As a couple of graduate students explain in Philadelphia Encyclopedia, “In essence, Philadelphia created the pronunciation of the word, but its meaning already existed.”

Or rather, meaning.Joan has been used to refer to cheesesteak (“putting onions on that joan”) and someone (like) who is cheating someone else. “Side Joan”). The plural is either “jawns” or “jawn”. This area is not noisy. Nosowitz even calls it a “magic word.”It must be; it is also dissected Public radio..

NS InquirerAngry grammarian tried Close the lid with a slam Back in 2019, we lamented commercial adoption by Fishtown’s and others. Local Hotel, NS Christmas decoration operation, Vitamin water, At least one podcast, And that Rocky movie Creed.. I’m sorry, I’m angry. Joan doesn’t seem to be able to stop.It has been dissected by Blogger, Professional sports team, Sports fan When Questlove, As Become a scholar..You can also buy T-shirts to celebrate your contribution to Local delicacies, Or those who marry two of our greatest achievements: Wawa and words.. The crude commercialization of one man is the victory of another. Overseas idioms.. There is no point in fighting it. It’s wise to just give up. We are proud of our chin around here.

Some Jawn Youse may not know the origin of “Jawn”

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