Social media hinders the pursuit of truth


The truth is essential. Without it, trust is impossible. Still, trust is irreplaceable in all relationships. I’ve heard people say it’s hard to find the truth, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The truth is what actually happens. It may be hidden, but you can search for it.
Two major threats to the truth are the lack of social media and reliable news media. The news media should report only the facts and leave the interpretation to the opinion page. We need reliable news sources for our lives and for our business and government decisions.

Social media, by its very nature, threatens the truth. Remember the game “Whisper Down the Alley”? In many cases, the message changes significantly. Social media users tend not to check the material before transferring it. That’s why S. Shyam Sundar of Pennsylvania State University said in a webinar about the rise in “fake news,” its sources, and why consumers believe it.Here are some tips to counter it

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” warned about social media. In addition to other negative effects, fake news promotion has polarized our country and the world and threatened democracy. Tristan Harris said: “If you disagree with what the truth is, or if there is something like the truth, we toast. This is a problem underneath other problems …”

For a refreshing example of living honestly, see Netflix’s Anne With a E, based on a classic children’s book. This girl depends on the truth in various predicaments. Truth is essential to building trust and solving real-world problems.

Brenda Darhausen
Spring Township

Social media hinders the pursuit of truth

Source link Social media hinders the pursuit of truth

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