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Smollett returned to the stand after calling the hoax claim “100% fake” | Nationwide

Chicago (AP) — Jussie Smollett returns to the witness stand at his trial in Chicago on Tuesday. There, a former “empire” actor claims that he made an anti-homosexual, racist attack on himself.

The prosecution will continue to interrogate the 39-year-old, who appeared calm through a few hours of testimony on Monday. He told the jury that “there was no hoax,” and that he was a victim of hate crimes in the downtown Chicago neighborhood.

Smollett to face price That he lied to the Chicago Police Department January 2019 Attempted to refute harmful testimony from the attack Two brothers last week. They said gay and black Smoret organized hoaxes for publicity, gave them $ 100 supplies, hung a rope around their necks, and instructed them to shout homosexual slurs. They also said that Smollett gave them a $ 3,500 check to do it.

Smollett said he wrote a $ 3,500 check for Abil Osundyro for nutrition and training advice. Smollett was asked by his lawyer if he had paid Osundyro for some kind of hoax and replied “never.”

Attorney Nenye Uche asked again if he was planning a hoax.

“No,” Smollett said, “there was no hoax.”

Smollett I told the jury He had just returned from a trip and was walking home after buying a sandwich around 2am on January 29, 2019, when someone shouted racist and homosexual remarks. Smollett said he turned around to confront the person he said was standing above him.

Smollett stood in court in Chicago, showing how the man said he walked quickly towards him, and then pointed to the temple to his left, showing where the man hit him.

“I think I landed Punch, but I don’t know if it landed,” Smollett said.

Mr. Smollett called him because he used a racial slur and shouted “MAGA Country”, a clear reference to the then President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. He said he thought the attacker was white. Brother, Abil Osundaro and Orabingo OsundaloA black man testified last week that Smollett instructed them to shout “This is the country of MAGA” during a fake assault.

Smollett picked up his phone and said he “jumped” to the person who was talking. He testified that he noticed a rope around his neck when he returned to his apartment. Smollett said he had removed the rope, but a friend in his apartment was called the police and told him to put the rope back so that the police could see it. Smollett said he was angry at the police being called because he never did.

“I’m a black American. I don’t trust the police,” Smollett said. “I was also a famous person at the time and was openly gay.”

During the cross-examination, Mr. Smollett said he refused to hand over his cell phone to the Chicago Police Department for the investigation because he wanted privacy. Mr. Smollett was asked by special counsel Dan Webb that he might see several phone calls to Abil Osundyro.

Smollett also testified that Osundylo told him during his next trip to Nigeria that he could get herbal steroids that would promote weight loss, but were “low” or secretly illegal in the United States.

Osundailo testified that Smollett sent him a text message about speaking “in the lowlands” and asked him about helping Smollett stage the attack during the conversation. Smollett said on Monday that the message was related to illegal steroids.

When Webb asked about Osundailo’s testimony that Smollett recruited him for hoax, Smollett replied, “Completely wrong, 100% wrong.”

Defendant lawyers have suggested that Smollett accused Smollett of making hoaxes because he hated Smollett and saw the opportunity to make money. They suggested that the brothers, after being cross-examined by police for alleged attacks, demanded $ 1 million each not to testify to Smollett.

Smollett met Avil Osundairo at the club in 2017 and learned that Osundairo is also working on the “Imperial” set. He said the two men were drugging together and went to the bathhouse that Smollett said “made.” He said the two men later took more drugs and participated in sexual activity together. Sexual relationship.

Smollett met Abinbora’s brother, Orabingo, but testified that they did not speak. He said Abil Osundyro made them think they needed to “sneak away” when they were around his brother. Smollett said he never trusted Orabingo Osundyro.

The prosecutor says Smollett Launched an attack He was dissatisfied with the reaction of the “Imperial” studio to the harassment emails he received. The letter contained a picture of a stickman’s gun hanging on a rope and the word “MAGA”.

Smollett, 39, Indicted with 6 counts of felony chaotic acts The prosecutor said it was a false police report (1 count each time he reported) of alleged attacks on three different police officers. Class 4 felony can be sentenced to up to three years in prison, but experts say that if Smollett is convicted, he is likely to be probated and ordered to serve the community. I am.


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Smollett returned to the stand after calling the hoax claim “100% fake” | Nationwide

Source link Smollett returned to the stand after calling the hoax claim “100% fake” | Nationwide

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