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Six people charged with performing a deadly kidnapping ring based in Mexico | Nationwide

Los Angeles (AP) — Six people were charged with performing a Mexico-based kidnapping ring on Tuesday, nine were taken hostage and demanded a ransom from a U.S. relative, but one after the money was paid. Six people, including the department, died.

A federal grand jury in Los Angeles has blackmailed and conspired to take hostage of German Garcia Jera Hernandez, 37, and five others, alleged masterminds, according to a statement from the US law firm in Los Angeles. Indicted for crimes including.

Since all six were detained in Mexico, there was an additional charge and it was not immediately clear if there was a lawyer to speak for them.

The indictment alleges that between January and April last year, Tijuana-based gangsters invited people to meetings, were struck by guns, held hostage, detained, and sometimes severely beaten.

Later, American families were asked for a ransom. According to a statement from a US law firm, those who did not have a family member who could pay the ransom were killed, and the hostages were killed to protect the plot even after the ransom was paid.

Six people were killed, including three US citizens, officials said.

According to the indictment, in one case, two people were abducted from the United States and Mexico after meeting one of the kidnappers at a nightclub in Tijuana and being invited to their home.

They were beaten and killed after the kidnappers learned they had no money, the indictment said.

According to the complaint, another man was killed despite his adult son leaving a $ 25,000 ransom collected in a women’s toilet at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, near the border. it was done.

In another case, an American citizen living in Norwalk, a suburb of Los Angeles, was kidnapped while visiting his relatives in Tijuana.

The victim said, “I was forced to call my mother. He said he was in trouble and instructed her to call an individual to pay $ 25,000 for release. A US lawyer’s office. According to the victim’s mother, she had a hard time getting a ransom, but agreed to pay the hostage criminal $ 1,000 with a man’s car for his release.

However, the indictment alleges that the man was killed the same day his mother met the ransom collector in Norwalk.

If convicted, the six defendants may face the death penalty or life imprisonment without the opportunity to be released on parole.

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Six people charged with performing a deadly kidnapping ring based in Mexico | Nationwide

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