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Since the launch of the new Unemployment Compensation (UC) system, labor and industry have issued unemployment benefits of approximately $ 120 million.Status

Harrisburg, PA-The new Pennsylvania unemployment compensation program has seen nearly 225,000 people filed claims since its opening on Tuesday.

Labor and Industry issued nearly $ 115 million in payments for these claims.

Over 204,000 individuals have successfully applied for weekly certification using the new online system: An additional 17,000 people started new billing using the new system, resulting in the total number of individuals who successfully applied. Over 221,000.

Submit weekly benefits over the phone

yesterday, Pennsylvania Teleclaim System (PAT) Now online, individuals can submit weekly bills over the phone. To date, more than 25,000 individuals have submitted weekly certifications using this system.

Individuals wishing to apply for benefits through the UC or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program can apply by calling 888-255-4728 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Unlike online submissions that require a Keystone ID, individuals submitting using PAT use their PIN (Personal Identification Number) and Social Security Number to identify themselves when claiming UC benefits. To do. During a call, the individual is asked to dial the phone to answer a series of questions.

System status

Several changes were made to the system overnight, including changes to resolve issues that occurred when trying to create or log in to a recently created Keystone ID when entering the UC system. L & I has heard that individuals who have previously encountered this issue can now log in and file complaints. Individuals have the option of first creating a Keystone ID and then using a temporary workaround that allows them to individually log in to the new UC system by following the process below. video..

The overnight change also resolved an issue where some PEUC claimants would see a status of “inactive,” “disqualified,” or “financially ineligible.” L & I has heard from many individuals who have experienced these issues that their status has disappeared and that they can file successfully. , Reported that several individuals have confirmed these statuses since the changes were made. L & I is actively investigating these cases to see why individuals are checking these statuses.

To be on the safe side, the new system will show eligibility or other alleged issues. This is a feature, not an error.

Individuals with an issue code can see This sheet To learn more about the problem and the possible actions you can take to resolve it.

Individuals get the latest information about the new UC system UC System Check Enhancement Tracker..

Today we have added one new issue to our tracker. Questions to confirm the completion of job search requirements are now displayed to a limited number of individuals. L & I is investigating the cause and prioritizing the implementation of the fix.

The waiting room hasn’t been online since 9am on Thursday. At this time, it was temporarily displayed to the individual submitting only the first request, and the waiting time was 4 minutes. It took an average of 21 minutes for an individual to submit their first claim. Weekly certification took an average of 4 minutes.

24/7 filing and other upgrades

Remind individuals that the new UC system provides the ability to file UC claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since the complaint week is from Sunday to Saturday, the last submission during the complaint is Saturday at 11:59 pm. Individuals are given up to 8 weeks to apply for the current billing week, but it should be noted that no payment will be issued until the application is made.


Individuals with questions or concerns are advised to check out Quick tips And Frequently Asked Questions page of

L & I also provides a library of resources to help users get used to the new system. User guide Claimant and employer and topic specific Educational video.. L & I is a series workshop, Future Workshop:

Records of each workshop will be uploaded to This page on

The programs of the new system are unemployment compensation and pandemic emergency unemployment compensation. The history information of individuals who applied for the Extended Benefits Program will also be displayed in the new system.

The Pandemic Unemployment Support Program is unaffected by changes to the new system.

Since the launch of the new Unemployment Compensation (UC) system, labor and industry have issued unemployment benefits of approximately $ 120 million.Status

Source link Since the launch of the new Unemployment Compensation (UC) system, labor and industry have issued unemployment benefits of approximately $ 120 million.Status

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